You may now register on the forum with Discord!

Aw, yes. Everyone knows I love Discord. You may now register and 1-click sign-in via Discord!

nice, time to link my account then

when will they add the ability to 1 click navigate to bookmarked threads tho

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Sounds a bit redundant to browser bookmarks :stuck_out_tongue: just drag the lock icon at the top left to the bookmarks bar



true, but i got too many bookmarks already xD

i bookmark too many memes

3 clicks is pretty good tbh

There is only one solution for this, Max.
We will delete all memes.
Alllll of them.

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oh nice it seems to have registered with the proper account.
now i wont be accused of having an alt

Memes are like hydras

If you delete a meme 3 more will pop back in it’s place



not my memes

honestly i probably should delete a lot of them tho


but if you delete the two memes in a thread, and then lock the thread, it essentially cauterizes the wound

No, it creates a new thread

:point_right: No :point_right: