Yet another Yet another Pretender Rework

Day abilities:
Night abilities:

Wincon: Win the game

0% chance to spawn in game.

Listen. I don’t think we need or want pretender at this point. The biggest issue I see is the fact that pretender, no matter what, is just a heavy kingmaker. No one likes the game decided by neuts, and the pretender does just that. And the “dOnt EkeCt Pret!!” argument is BS, because they have royal blood and can beat most non royals in an election. changing the actual “pretender” class wouldn’t do much to help. It’s not hard to become king once king is dead, and you can just lie as pret and then become king and no one cares. at that point, you are a weaker neutral king, a dumb kingmaker. Now, I am okay with neutral king because it is not necessary for the neutral to do. The entire pret wincon is just bleh.

We’re reaching new levels of meta never before seen

Much better then my idea!

Amazing and thoughtful passive!

Nice ability to use!

Good for achieving her goal!

wait. where is the goal?

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I just added a goal.
nice catch

delete this

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im gonna bad word

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oh no

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Amazing class 10/10. We need more classes like this.

But actually I agree with the idea of removing pret or changing the objective because it’s required to be a kingmaker and current pret is broken and boring to play as.