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Y'all better stop necrobumping my cringe ass threads (AKA pug comes back)


Bro that’s cringe you’re gonna loose subscriber.


but yeah I’m back and will be more inactive than ever


bro you’re cringe.


also yes I got him to return.

love me.

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security level 99%


I will be nowhere near as active as before.


The thing about Speedwagon is that his power cannot be measured by conventional means. His sheer ineffable magnificence is so strong that using any more than a tiny fraction of his power would destroy the universe. This is because his Stand, 『SPEED OVER WAGON 』 , unlike other stands which have been named the strongest, does not merely distort time and have great physical strength. It allows him to change the fundamental conditions of reality to the point where his own power is invisible, even to stand users.

It is also believed by most scholars of the Holy Church of Speedwagon (known publicly as the Speedwagon Foundation) that 『SPEED OVER WAGON 』 allows Speedwagon to travel to other universes in a similar manner to 『Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 』 , however without the restrictions that Funny Valentine has. Since squashing yourself with two objects is a damned stupid restriction for one such as Speedwagon, merely the existence of his hat allows Speedwagon to exist and be fully active in ALL universes at once.

The final piece of info we know currently about 『SPEED OVER WAGON 』 's true power is that it raises him above Hamon to the point where it appears to not work. This is in fact because the Hamon is not affecting the terrestrial universe it appears to be used in but rather the very fabric of the multiverse itself, killing any vampires that attempt to destroy the fabric of reality.

While Shaggy is the creator and the destroyer, Speedwagon’s power is greater; he is the preserver, the man whoose power maintains the balance- or imbalance of the universe to Speedwagon’s very own will. He truly is the ultimate meddler.

Also, he has a really cool fucking hat.

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