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Ya know, I miss hosting the GI Turbos (5/?)


Ya know, I miss hosting the GI Turbos

Cheers, love, the cavalry is here!

Average Rules.

  • Days are 10 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • Early day actions will be processed during the day, late day actions will be processed during Twilight, due to me being a failure once more.
  • There can be more than one King, but a King election will take place once there are no Kings remaining. In addition, there aren’t Day 1 elections and if I didn’t roll a King, one of the players will be transformed into a King at pre-game.
  • I’m on PC, so don’t have mercy, feel free to make me want to die.
  • The amount of players are infinite but there must be at least 7 players.
  • There are trials.
  • The game will only start if at least 50% + 1 of the players are from Blue Dragon-aligned factions
  • Since they still didn’t clear the wincon ambiguity, Town is not a scum faction.
  • Hjasik classes, Hit Me Daddy!Geyde and Spiky Doorknob will not be rolled.
  • Roleblockers who are occ immune have higher priority than roleblockers who are not. Save for AoE roleblocks. AoE (Stand Guard, etc) roleblocks even those who are occ immune.
    Yes, I stole the rules template Wazza originally stole from me.
  1. Isaac_Gonzalez
  2. Lightsin
  3. WazzaAzza
  4. Boss110
  5. Gamerpoke

Classes will be watered down if they are not able to be used in Turbo (usually by dividing any number for 100), if classes can not work in turbo situations like this, they will be re-rolled.

Cheaty watering down table:

100 posts - 1 post
1 hour - 36 seconds
1 day - 14 minutes


@Solic @Geyde Please move it to the right category






/first in



/slide in


Take GI out of GI


…You’re going to love my GI game then.


When is this starting?


Both the original GI setup and the first GI turbo rolled here had this rule


When I get 7+ players and feel like doing so


Ping me if you get 6 players


Original didn’t stop any classes from rolling


everyone is hjas class? /pre in


…Not what I meant.

I probably should have put a /s at the end of it.


aw man ;(


It prevented Hjasik classes from spawning
Also spiky doorknob is just overly complicated to turbo



Also yes. I did have mercy on you one of those games not forcing you to be a Hjasik class.


this is very confusing