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Xblade's Ol' Dev Plans: Following Up!


I posted a ton of my personal plans for the game months ago here:

Looking back [at that annoying pinned global banner that I’m going to unpin shortly after this post], I realized that… we accomplished nearly everything I wanted to do, already! WHOA! Not bad, considering these were solo dev plans as Boslof works on in-game stuff like balance, changes, and new classes.

For those that don’t know, I’m mostly the dev that deals with the things OUTSIDE the main game - mostly meta features like lobby (friends/matchmaking/etc), data, friends list, 3rd-party API’s like Discord - and even this forum.

So many times have I played games where the devs blog about their dream additions to the game to never see those actually implemented, so I am pretty stoked I can be a dev that follows up on those dreams.

We still have more features and goodies to come! As we grow, dreams grow bigger, too. This game is going to be around for a long time and it’s only going to get better. We hope you’ll stick around! And for those that have been here since the beginning (or even “before” the beginning): Can you feel our progress? Does the game feel more polished now than it used to be? Is it less buggy and more intuitive now? Easier to learn? These are things we want to keep making better and hope you like our strategies as our players grow with us!

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Just want to point out that even in this sketch, there is no proof any of them have a right eye.



they gave them all to the Seeker


Yeah, in the Seeker’s defence it’s pretty hard to gaze at something when you’re blindfolded


I’ll say now having played SO many games where dev interaction w/ their consumers/fans is key, and transparency/detailed changelogs/etc are so important to keeping the fans happy, it’s good that you’re saying stuff like this (even months ago). World of Warcraft is a perfect example of what NOT to do if you want happy fans. Keep open transparency with stuff that isn’t extremely sensitive (unless it’s a huge gameplay change that we should be aware of). Keep communication flowing. Take both sides of feedback to heart instead of just “following your vision” and saying “we know what’s best for the game, not you (the fans) guys”.

Just keep communication and transparency flowing. When you guys go mute or stop being clear with us, that’s usually when bad things happen (again, look at WoW and how Blizzard has been handling it lately. Perfect example of what not to do).


Even the cult icon looks like a left eye sorta
How deep does the conspiracy go :^)


As deep as the conspiracy behind the Probe icon

This is real cool!


Corax has a left eye in a cultist’s picture and you cannot tell with Mithras.
The cult king only has the left eye open.
Let’s all push on this conspiracy.
The cult doesn’t have a right eye!


Look at the picture.

Eyes closed, right eye covered with hair, right eye covered with head


We should defo have a separate thread for this as the discussion will probably be very deep.


why? lol

It’s obviously just a design choice that all Cult members gouge out their right eye

It’s what binds their art together into a cohesive unit

Also hi Rogue long time no see