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Xblade's Dev Plans


lol @ elo being implemented in an RNG based game with 200 players active


I may or may not have just learned it wasn’t an acronym lul
woops :^)


And if we’re talking about the misuse of terms can we talk about saying “RNG based” when it’s based on player decisions not a Random Number Generator? Even if you say that people’s actions are random it doesn’t make them RNG.

Pedantry intensifies :^)


Maybe he means the initial spawn distribution of classes is RNG?


Fair enough in that case


Yep, exactly. Before a game, you cannot decide on a game plan.


Is League of Legends a 1v1 game? :thinking:


No, a 1v9 game.


You Understand.


I dislike Elo there too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it’s totally not because I’m bad :eyes:


Or toxic.

So very Toxic.


It is totally because I am stuck in Gold V

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