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Xblade's Dev Plans


Only reason why I asked was because I tried it before and it didn’t work, so I suspect a timeout or it doesn’t link. Maybe it just doesn’t class as a sync as well so it won’t sync with the steam account if you crash if you crashed since an online multiplayer social deduction game.


Think it would be nice to have a steamer sign up twitch extension. This would have a steamer panel that allows new game sign ups to start, which would allow viewers to queue up in an extension panel. After sign up finishes, viewers that are eligible for the game can see/copy the game code from the extension. At this point, maybe there could be a video extension for the signed up players that blocks the screen and mutes or reminds viewers to mute.

In its simplest form, sign up logic could just get first come/first serve during streamer preferred setup time limit, but alternately it could take over 15 viewers and randomize who gets slots. Branching out from there, it would also be nice if streamers could set up mandatory or preferred slot conditions for typical categories – subscribers, followers, viewers that didn’t play last game, or external lists of viewers (e.g. friends, donators or patreons). Finally the streamer panel might allow for the sign up list to remove or add from a particular game or ban certain players.


yeah for sure. I would be ok for a GP sink in form of more colors for deathnotes. Also a “fill colour” option would be awesome (and save time if you like to make a different background colour).
The Deathnote save/load feature would also be a candidate for a store item. It could be an item that can be bought several times and each time you get an additional saveslot for the deathnotes. Though limiting it to something like 3-5 might be best.


I just have a concern over reconnect penalties, etc. Early on when I started playing, I could reconnect easily if I dropped, but for a long while, it has been impossible to reconnect. Admittedly, I’ve been slacking off playing lately, so maybe that’s already fixed. If not, though, I feel like it needs to be really solid before anything is done with reconnect tracking.


^ Updated 8/30


I didn’t know Xblade was in the Council of Necromancers :thinking:

But mainly I feel ELO wouldn’t work with ToL. Conversions is a big thing in this game.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

…but, uh, why are we talking about Elo here? lol


ELO is for 1v1 games
Change My Mind



ELO is for games without random chance deciding your strategy.

Change my mind.


Both are true because Elo made Elo specifically for those circumstances lmao





I didn’t read the whole post over again but uh

Yeah no Elo please


Also y’all need to stop acting like “Elo” is an acronym


What exactly is the definition of Elo anyways? It doesn’t sound like a real word.


It was originally a way of ranking a chess player’s skill, it’s basically ranking your skill


But like. Is it a real word?


It’s the creators name, right?




Eric Likes Oreos


Ok I looked it up. Here is a Wikipedia article on it: