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Xblade's Dev Plans


Aug 30, 2018 UPDATE:

I’m going to Strike what we successfully accomplished! And for WIP now, orange~.

I wanted to let you guys know my personal plans over the next little bit. While this may change, and I’m only revealing a LITTLE bit, know that we’ve done a lot of surveys and read a lotttt of #feedback-dont-ping and this forums #feedback . Boslof usually handles in-game/balance and I handle data/matchmaking. I can’t speak for Boslof’s plans, but here are mine:

After this Steam ban integration, I am going to start tracking LIVE games. This branches off into quite a lot of things.

  • If you leave the game early, we’ll be able to reward you if you already completed your objective.

  • If you leave the game while dead, we’ll be able to grant SOME gold (although not as much if you stayed until the end)

  • If you leave the game while ALIVE… we’re still deciding what to do on this one. Right now, you get one chance to reconnect. We’re considering doing it MOBA style, where we’ll force you to reconnect to the old game (if alive) or some sort of lockout timer. Let us know your thoughts below on how you believe we should handle this.

  • Twitch has been SUPER influential for us. We want to do something for both streamers and viewers. Because we’d track live games, I have tons of ideas, already. I want to keep this a secret, for now, as it’s super experimental, but just so you know it’s coming. If you have some of your own ideas (for use with Streamlabs, etc), let me know below. (8/30: Working on this now!)

  • Tracking live games also means we can add Rich Presence to Discord. We now have 11,000 something players in our Discord, averaging 2k+ online at a time. WOW!

  • Game match history logging (8/30: Currently used now to aid the back-end for moderation. Perhaps something more fun in the future! Stats, Leaderboards…)

Other things include:

  • Friends list is still a bit funny and the status isn’t showing correctly (on the left - that’s why the title is right aligned). I’ll probably remove the title and fix the status to center-align it.

  • You can’t scroll with the mousewheel down the main part. This is a UNITY bug and it’s really annoying - I can either have a hover action (where it changes to show an invite button) OR allow smooth scrolling when you aren’t hovering over the perfect spot, but not both. I’m going to try to find a workaround for this.

  • One-click bug reports (8/30: Still planned!)

  • Some people have multiple titles/avatars – I’m going to allow you to select the one you want.

  • Ability to remove friends. Poor former friends…

  • It’d be cool to have guides/mods/devs show a little icon next to their name in the lobby, but this is sort of a fluff feature so I’d do this later.

  • Progression. I want it. You want it. We all want it. In some form, we’re going to add it. Levels, experience, ELO, what have you. (8/30: Still planned! We already have ideas how to implement this. I’ll get back to you on this, as it’s going to take time)

  • Stats. Aww yea… (8/30): It’s actually working now in the back-end! We’re ensuring accuracy before it’s public)

  • I’d LATER like to make a public API for stats + games info so players can make community sites, profiles, etc. Would any devs be interested in this? @ping me. (1/2 delayed, 1/2 implemented: Our first API use will be for an upcoming Twitch overlay! However, this will be a private API)

Later, later: We also want to add localization: Other languages. Perhaps split the realms into that specific language. I still need more research for the best approach for this. TO START, however, we could probably at least edit the UI text to your own language so you’d only need to worry about the chat. This may be a community project, similar to Wikia. (8/30: Project will start shortly after the Twitch overlay!)

I’m advised that I should NOT be revealing my plans because everyone has different opinions and some people get angry at my direction, so this is a “Test post” to see how people react to it, which also determines future transparency for my dev plans~

Again, the order of which I do this is not guaranteed. The feature itself may never come into existence or be completely altered than what I said above. Maybe it takes me 50 years to do it! Who knows. These are my potential, short-term plans. Boslof has other plans.

Xblade's Ol' Dev Plans: Following Up!

Looks cool!


I really like the idea of forcing people to either reconnect or not being able to play until the current game they left ended.
Also how about stacking time-punishments. Like 1 Leave while alive = 5 min until they can start a new one and so on.

Also, at hearthstone there’s a twitch overlay function where you can hover over the cards and get details about them. Maybe this is possible in some way for class cards at ToL?

How about an ingame whisper function with friends?

Lots of stuff still possibly out there :slight_smile:


I really hope you are considering a Spanish translation of the game, me and a few other people I know would be glad to help with the translation if it is a community project!


Awesome, these are all great!


Aw, I should probably translate quicker…

So maybe I could push it to Taiwanese…


5 minute timer lock on start game for leavers leaving if they hate there class or somthing while alive.
If this can be done to check if it’s the game or not.
Anything using exit buttone while alive should trigger the blocked timer.
If this can be logged so if it’s done so many time i.e. 5 times in 24 hours it automatically applies a 1 hour ban.
So many times I log in the game to have leavers day 1.
This could be connection issues but if they never used the exit button then it can be classed as a load in issue.
If they dc on purpose then have them automatically join the last game.
Unless they were killed by the game of course.


I would agree with this. However, with the force recoonection, I would suggest a bit longer than one attempt, as there have been a few issues where I play the game on the main pc when all the sudden the game crashes. Normally I have a laptop with me so I try and rejoin quickly, but it doesn’t work.

Maybe if it was possible, there could be something that allows you to reconnect to games on other devices if you happen to have them with you?


Would absolutely love to be able to reconnect again if the first time fails. Wolfy’s multiple devices idea is cool too.


I’m down for all of these things.


It’s just normally on the main pc, it crashes onto the blue windows of death so I assume with steam cloud, you could essentially transfer the current game you were playing and then continue the game from a different device. But alas, this was not the case I found out. To continue after this issue, you must reset the computer, and by the time you’re back in, you’re either dead or if you get back in, you don’t know what has happened and you have to play by a whim.

There was a time I disconnected as Cult Leader and yet somehow, the Cult managed to win without me because I managed to get all converts off before I crashed. We didn;t even lose a single member that game xD

As me and Ryan would say, Komadea luck!


This is good to know!

Even if it’s short term or not guaranteed, knowing what the dev is thinking can ensure good communication with the players.


I seem to crash all the time too, so I support this as well.
I think that it would be best of we can have multiple times to reconnect, as I often crash too and my current laptop charger, if removed, will cause my computer to auto shut-down.
So I think the timeout is good, but that’s only if it’s on purpose.
As there are people who may not do it on purpose, disconnecting and taking a long time to reconnect, if reconnecting at all.

However, to say the least, I think these are great plans as I’m planning on streaming in the future and I think that these improvements would be great for that aspect too.
Nice one Xblade!


Can I flag this post as awesome? ;3


Love these posts.

I hope there is also some stuff for deathnotes in the works. (more Colours for example).

Probably also heard a million times: Saving a limited amount of deathnotes (1-3) that you can load. It would allow for the killers to not get too much distracted from the game.

Also making every dead person draw deathnotes would be a nice feature and help, since more people might hang around till the end of the day if they can draw while they wait.


Not gonna lie, that sounds like a good idea, but what if they were revived as a Death Knight and was so distracted, they didn’t see that they were revived. I feel like it could be too much of a distraction there


Possible, though i think each day someone dies the deathnote gets closed anyway, from the journals and deathnotes of the dead. Certainly there might be some individuals that get distracted by the drawing that much that they do not realise they are DK, but i think the big majority will and a wasted DK should be a rare occurence.

Also dead Killer/offensive classes already can draw while they are dead, all other classes just can’t


I thoguht making the death notes was also locked off when dead as nk and what habe you… Might be wrong myself.


Only old people here speak Taiwanese (it’s a local, dying language) – or younger people learn only the basics to talk to their grandparents hehe. The dominant language here is Mandarin Chinese (traditional writing). I only know someone Taiwanese for food ;p

Unless it’s a different device with the SAME steam account, it won’t work. If it’s the SAME Steam account … that’s how your accounts are bound! It’ll PROBABLY work.

Perhaps we could add some colors to the store one day :slight_smile: Would you buy it with gp if you could? Troll colors would cost extra bwahha (like pink. Makes me think of Taric from LoL). We’ve had this suggested a few times, and most people I asked said they’d be interested. Most people have overflowing gp just waiting to spend, anyway.

We have other plans for the store, too, to make things more fun (that, ofc, won’t affect the game mechanics. No p2win shit here).

Perhaps we could allow you to draw deathnotes just for fun while dead.