Wrongly banned?

What happened:
I was banned for “Revealing fellow Unseen”.
The only time this could be remotely attributed to would be when I revealed the converted Aristocrat as Mastermind to gain the trust of the Blue Dragon. As far as I know, as far as I have seen before, as far as I have read in the rules, and as far I have seen the discussions in these forums, this isn’t supposed to be against the rules. So I was wondering why I was given a ban?

Give me a sec on the screenshot.

I understand every ban is obviously related to the rules but the rules don’t say you can’t “bus” as I guess it is called.

From what I read from the other forum busing is NOT game-throwing am I not correct?

I can’t seem to post a screenshot here as it seems to take up too much memory?

I claimed to be a Sheriff who found an unseen, I am pretty sure thats what I told them.

I think someone reported me for it because they were salty.

Ok here I figured out how to post it

Yes my forum name and in game name is exactly the same I think.

I assume you are looking into it right now?

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Did you speak to the Aristocrat at night first?

Nope it was on day 2

Probably why you got the ban. Did you win that game?

As far as I know as far as I read in the other thread, this isn’t bannable.

It can be bannable, situation depending

Doesn’t say in the rules though, and the mod who was talking in the other thread didn’t seem to imply that it was bannable.

Case by case

Looks like I can’t post anymore since its my first day.

Every suspension comes with a message and is reviewed by at least 2 people, manually, considering logs + history + even the reporters history. Please post a screenshot of your ban message before I can help you, further.

Disclaimer: If we look up logs, we’re posting them publicly. Think hard if you want to appeal ;D the average person does NOT want this.

Every ban is from our rules. Revealing your evil ally, if that’s what you did, is blatant gamethrowing. Here are some useful links:

http://throneofli.es/terms (CTRL+F for code of conduct)

(If you are under new forum restrictions, just edit OP)

Ah sorry, I just read “revealing fellow unseen”, I am just generalizing.

Half correct ~ You can throw your teammate under the bus if evil, but only if it’s something you must do. If you’re not super pressured to do so, you can prearrange in night chat that you may need to throw under the bus, then if prearranged, np to do riskier stuff.

But generally, the only time you should probably bus someone is for voting. If it’s REALLY obvious your teammate is caught, vote him up with the others to prevent looking susp as the only one voting innocent. If it was that obv though, usually you won’t get reported. Your dead teammates can hear you at night, still, so best bet is to apologize to them at night and explain why you did that so they don’t report a misunderstanding.

Blatantly saying “#11 is assassin” or something like that (again, just generalizing) I can’t think of any situation where that wouldn’t be gamethrowing. After all, someone reported you for it, so it’s gotta have some sort of flags.

Anyway, after the screenshot is posted I’ll take a further look~ your in-game name is the same (CaSe sensitive)?

In case you missed it he updated the OP with the info rather than reply with it :+1:

the devs have really weird rules on bussing because all the idiots outing the MM after getting bussed. They make no sense, because you can’t claim you found someone through scout, but eh.

Wat, why would you not be able to do this? Pretty sure you misunderstand.

If you’re a Sheriff and find someone via scout then you’d be stupid not to.

If you’re pretending though, the same rules apply as usual.


I’ve talked it over with the team and we have now come to conclusion that due to the dangers when not-prediscussed (meaning the person to be bussed does not know about it) outweigh the gameplay strategy aspects we will not allow bussing if the victim of the bus does not know about it.

We will be clarifying this in the official rules and post an announcement on Discord about this as well, hope that will clear it up.

I however understand how this topic could have been rather controversial among players due to mixed sources saying different things up until now. I apologize for this in that regard.


Contact me if you need to make further posts.