Wrongful Ban Appeal

I’ve only had the game for about a month and have only played maybe 5 games and I log in tonight to see I’m banned for “pr0n spammer”? I followed the link and it’s just a picture of someone spamming some website in game? It doesn’t have my account name in the screenshot or anything.

I don’t know if my account was hacked (Steam didn’t notify me of any suspicious logins) or if there is some bug or if I got wrongly caught up in some automated ban system but something isn’t right.

Could you look into it please? My account is Myrkur(login screen), or sometimes I see it as Myrkur300 in chats?

I will look you up and unban you – sorry about that!

Thanks for the speedy reply! Really appreciated.

I was able to log in just now. Was it really my account that spammed that? Is there other way into the game account than through steam?

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nah, if there was - he would’ve been using system chat instead of just private messages and only while he was alive. It was just a human. We thought we caught the spammer, but he just ended up being sneaky so we accidentally autobanned more accounts than intended

TL;DR: False positives :confused: sorry about that!