Would You Rather Scenarios

Scenario 1:
You are a millionaire with a wife and 3 kids. Your wife is unemployed because they don’t need to work when you are a successful business man bringing in thousands of dollars a day. You are in a business meeting when suddenly time is frozen. Everyone around you stopped moving and the clock on the wall stopped moving. However you seem to be able to move. Suddenly you see a skeleton with a brief case walk in the room staring at you. He introduces himself as Death. He tells you about how boring collecting souls is. He told you about how he decided to give himself enjoyment by making a deal with you. He tells you that you have a brain tumor in your head that has already past the stage of being able to remove it. Death tells you that you will die in 6 months and nothing can prevent it for he knows you always die at the end of 6 months. However he offers you a deal.

Death says that you have two options.

1.You can choose to gamble with your life and belongings. Death will flip a coin. If it lands on heads you will die right now. The IRS will “coincidently” realize that you haven’t paid your taxes in 10 years and will strip your family of all the money you have and your house, leaving a mother with no job no house and no money with 3 children to fend for themselves. They will hate you with all their passion after your death for this. However, if the coin lands on tails I will make sure that you and your wife and children will be protected from death till the age of 80 and you and your family will live a happy life.

2.You can reject my deal and continue on with your business. You will die 6 months starting from today from your brain tumor, however your family will inherit everything you have.

What would you do?

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Pretty easy I think. 2. You can’t risk the life of your family. A real paradise is just an illusion and nothing which you should aim for anyways. Being in good life circumstances doesn’t make happy on its own.

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You’re a monster, Firekitten.

Option 2 for me.

also don’t mind me just commenting on stuff when I should be away from these forums


Option 2 and use my money to find a cure.

And waste your last 6 months trying to outscience literal embodiment of death? :wink:

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says the reaper pfp :eyes:

The fuck does the reaper know. I trust in science.

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If there’s a magical being using magic to tell me imma die.
Then there’s a magical way to scientifically heal myself.

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Death knows all. Death knows that you will die in 6 months regardless of what you do.

The reaper is the one who knows when people are about to die lmfao

I’d probably flip a coin to decide which option I’d take, but leaning towards option 1.

The person that would be my husband would be a survivor and hopefully so should we have raised our children, so why should I give up life expectancy of like twenty years for a sure fire 6 months? No Bueno. I shouldn’t have a family

Meaning. Even if you find a cure, death knows that you will die on that date no matter what you do.

What would you choose Litten?

First one.

cures cancer
still dies to cancer on that day


Death will make sure you die on that day. Maybe a train will go off the rails and hit your house or something

Why would you pick that one?

The benefits out weigh the negatives.

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cuz rng

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Now the real question is what 50/50 life expectancy would you take over a sure fire 6 months. :smile: