Would you play an anonymous game

You ever hate reading people off meta? You ever wondered, Jeez I wish people wouldn’t meta read me more it’s annoying. You ever wanted to read people basically only on their actions? Well Welcome to anyomous games. Where you are given an alt account and you post on it to play the game.

An example of an anyomous account you could be given is @Judge_Ostilia .

  • I would play it
  • I wouldn’t play it

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Welcome to the community, lol /s

how dare it do that

Well you can figure out who’s who regardless of alts, right?

Meta reading is gr8, gibs you all the more reason to change it and fool everyone in the process.

Also in anyomous games guessing someone’s alt or discussing who you are gets you modklled

That’s dumb

It’s like saying we’re going to play mafia but you can’t scumread

no it isn’t

it’s like saying play mafia but scumread people off what they do instead of their meta

What they do is the definition of meta :thinking:

Have you ever played an anyomous game

I’m guessing not since you think it’s so easy to figure out who people are

No, have you?


Do you think it would be difficult to figure out who’s who over here?



You know people more than you’re letting on

you haven’t played an anyomous game

You’re honestly fooling yourself if you think vets aren’t going to get themselves meta-read

Even if it’s done in secret, it’s going to happen