Would you join... [Poll]

Hello there fellow bipeds.

I’m going to host Hollow Knight FM in a few weeks from now. After the flop that was MGSFM, I instead decided to use the brain and determined that asking what the people would want was the best course of action.

The question is: which would you seriously consider joining?

  • 17p Rolemadness (High Power, balance not guaranteed)
  • 17p Rolemadness (Balance as priority)
  • 13p Rolemadness (Balance as priority)
  • Unbalanced and Absurd clown fiesta (I don’t know what playerlist size would be)

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Poll will close in two-ish days.


High Power!

I’m torn high power is great but clown fiesta sounds like a blast

What is clown fiesta?

No rules sometimes bastard

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Clown Fiesta is exactly what the name entails: a meme fest.

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Probs should go with high power. People here don’t care about low power games which is why all of my games here tend to be very high power like Overwatch or Drakengard.

Can I just choose to join no matter what?

Because I don’t actually care to see the setup of the game I’m joining… until when the game starts.

Fair high power, or do I do stupid high power
That’s the 17p v clown Fiesta

I think ToL-like JOATy classes with several abilities would work.


Stupid high

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I guess balanced would be a good choice but I really don’t have a preference tbh.

Bullshit, over 90% of the population can’t use their brain. You telling me you are one of the 10% that can? 10% of something happening, according to my calculations, is basically the chance of an unicorn appearing. I haven’t seen an unicorn so I assume that 10% is 0. Trust me I’m a Unicorn expert i know what I’m talking about.

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i have a question, whats a brain


The brain is the pink blob in the capacity of your head that generates thoughts and passes signals between the body Genius Genius Genius blah blah blah…

why cant i click two?
there are multiple of those i would gladly join

Thinking Detected:Exterminate Threat

/Throws up Intelligence Shield (What is 3+2)

I am a gamer and therefore was able to use my latent skills in order to activate the brain for the purposes of utilization of facts and logic to comprehend how to balance a Mafia game:


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