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World of Leaders Planning Phase 5


Install your regime!

> [y]
> [n]



Community Name : Suplex City, BITCH
Government Form : Dictatorship
Leader Title :

  • Full Title - The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Universal Champion, The Beast Incarnate, BlueStorm
  • Short Title - The Beast, BlueStorm

Aide’s Title :

  • Full Title - Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Nerbo, Advocate and Right Fist Man to the Beast Incarnate, BlueStorm
  • Short Title - The Advocate, Nerbo the Desperate

Community Ideal : Disrespect The Advocate, and The Beast will crush you. Disrespect The Beast… and The Beast will crush you. Do as The Advocate says and you may gain favour. Stay away from The Beast and you will gain the reward of not being crushed.
Technology Focus : Strength-based. Procuring anything possible in order to grow a melee-strong arsenal with the ability to take the heaviest shots as if they were feathers.




I will join the glorious community of Suplex City (BITCH) as the The Advocate to The Beast, Nerbo the Desperate, forever The Beast’s right fist (hands are for pansies) man.


I am Aiding the Anti-Revolt Commonwealth.

Geyde has revealed themselves as the Dignitary


They’re coming. :eyes:





I’m begging you please just say 2-5




One community left.

I’ll edit the OP once I’m home.


“1<X<6” makes people do maths
2-5 is easier for everyone


Community Name : New West Anglia
Government Form : Monarchy
Leader Title : Grand Duke/Grand Duchess, often referred to in formal settings as “His/Her Excellency the Grand Duke/Duchess of New West Anglia and Protector of the Anglish people”
Aide’s Title : Arbiter, formally referred to as “His/Her highness”
Community Ideal : The pursuit of progress and innovation, nothing is perfect and so everything can be improved, and if something can be improved then it should be improved, obviously.
Technology Focus : S T E A M P O W E R. Specifically, NWA use steam to power everything, their obsession with innovation means that, with the right combination of willpower, resources and sometimes just plain foolhardiness, anything can be accomplished with steam and gears.


Looks at RP.
Looks at Cohost.
Looks at trip.
I won’t be on… until the 19th…
Co hosting?
I dunno.


I’m making a summary of everything happening thus far.

Summary Count: 0

Summary 1

Player List:
Marluxion+Mercenary (Post 9 + 19)
Pug+PoisonedSquid (Post 18 + 24)
Twil1ght+Geyde (Post 39)
Bluest0rm+Nerbins (Post 82+63)
BoopyDoop (Post 93)

Manual Summary Human has stopped at Post 94: Shurian

EDIT 1: Pinging @Damafaud. All are summarised here.


Too late you are recruited

@Marluxion @Mercenary @Geyde @PoisonedSquid @Twil1ight @Boopydoop @Nerbins @BlueStorm @Pug

Join this


@Geyde haha gottem


That’s it.

I’m nuking the shit out of you.

You have made an unwise decision.


sorry we got nukes too


we also have family guy so surrender to us