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World of Leaders Planning Phase 5


also you realise we can just flood the entire kingdom to kill the inkling



into gay baby jail for you


I’m willing to be aide for the next leader.


And killing all your Civilans by accident? Good shit.


What do you mean “by accident”?


well they are all watching family guy and family guy boosts their epicness.

they can just drink the water you know


Shoutouts to simpleflips


thank you.

you know how it feels having a dad who left you to play sm64 romhacks.


There was the line.

It was crossed five hours ago.




BLJ’d out of my life


sans gaming


and proceeded to eat oatmeal


Sans is overrated change my mind.


cant change what’s fact


Sans Undertale is defo overrated



So the general M.O. of the commonwealth is to unite all factions/groups behind the glorious ideal of democracy?


Not quite, it’s just to make sure there would be a peace in our beatiful world. And also beat up the Revolutionaries in advance.
Democracy is just a cover but don’t tell anybody. :eyes:


I understand now.


/join as leader if I can