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World of Leaders Planning Phase 5


we will find da wae


that only belongs in YouTube rewind

marl banned


@PoisonedSquid you want to lead the family guy communist group with me


Heck yeah, I do


Two kingdoms down. At least one more to go!


Dama it’s Our Kingdom of Family Guy


“hey lois. remember when we started a communist revolution?”

but yeah I edited quite a bit of that


Squid since you are the Stewie Griffin, Squid the ___


also our executions are done by putting the execution victim in a chicken costume and then I beat the shit out of them as the peter griffin


Squid the One with the Blaster



Two kingdoms and already incompatible I see

muahahahaha it’s war!


Crikey this looks fun.

But my finals.


Our Kingdom of Family Guy

“eheheh, hey lois. remember when we started a communist uprising?”
Community Name: The Four Peters
Government Form : Communism
Leader Title : Your Honored Peter Griffin: Pug the Fucking Strong
Aide’s Title : The Stewie Griffin: Squid the One with the Blaster
Community Ideal : You must follow what the leader says or you will be executed. You have some freedom so it is not entirely communism (to prevent the game from being boring). Also since it is not true communism. High ranks get lots. Also you gotta like Family Guy, if you dont like Family Guy. You will be executed.
Technology Focus : Nuclear oriented that extracts the nuclear radiation from the NuclearBurrito in the Maximus salt cave. Also Family Guy
Execution style: The one on execution is forced to wear a chicken costume with absolutely no visible sight holes. Then the Peter Griffin beats them up until they are dead.


/join as Aide


you know. I’m now willing to make a game similar to this based on for honor.

I promise I wont bias knights


Honestly don’t understand this at all.


(am I able to just do /join)


Ya know what /join as Co @Damafaud


cheeki breeki


Alright i’m done.


Anti-Revolt Commonwealth

Community Name : Global Anarchists
Government Form : Merciless Democracy
Leader Title : HCCR (Head Of Control And Counteracting Revolutions): Ms. Callie
Aide’s Title : FSSM (First Secretary of State For Supervisory Matters) : Dignitary Geyde
Community Ideal : Leftwing, Rightwing and Center together… Isn’t it beatiful?
Indeed but unfortunately not everyone want live in peace. Our neighbours aren’t our enemies but just confused. We have to show them the way and unite this world once more. However any people that would work with other societies with our formal approval, to those people we cannot show them mercy and any attempts to overtake the control by any of the parties, they would be brutally crushed. We will won no matter of the cost.
Technology Focus : Fascist’s Militarism And Propaganda / Communist’s Sabotage and Revolts / Democratic Economy Structure / Theocratic’s Sorcery / Republic’s Ministry Of Security And Terror / Monarchist’s Tradition And Contacts


~~took a while replying…