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[Work In Progress] Exploration, Cooperation and Defection




Bump. :hammer:
@Shurian Out if curiosity, when did you plan to start it? :thinking:


October 6th.


You also made me look up fish good job D:<

  • All the fish dishes


Me right now:




if still possible to join


I hope I am not too late @Shurian


Actually ins only start after the start line so the wip in the title would matter.


Big Edit. Be sure to take a good look at it.


You’ve been watching too much SAO(and all the other countless animes with the same plot line) again, Shurian


Healers are allowed here, right? (I seriously wanna do a healer type character)


Why wouldn’t they?

Also inb4 necromancers are a thing


I am going to be either something like suommoner or buffer if possible


@Shurian plz release earlier i need something to do with my life


What happened to the big brother thing


people are inactive


I was thinking about bringing an old character back, but then I realized that they probably won’t fit the setting


who was your old character


squid whats 2 plus 2