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[Work In Progress] Exploration, Cooperation and Defection


Openwolf- attempt- failed

Hard to convince yourself to vote for something bad lol



except that i needed to kill wolfy cause random gutread that he’s town xD


Talking to shuri who got himself shot day 2


it doesnt help that marl can figure me out in forums of lies like I do him in throne of lies


Marl cant read me :smirk:


praise me for my bad snipping skills




Ya jungle republic was pretty shit ngl, thought we were gonna do well with that team and then we decided not to kill marl

Doesn’t help ici got himself scumread day 2


Pretty much sums up the past few games ici’s been in xD


Fuckin’ cookin’!
Also where’s god dayum farmin’ as a feature?!


So that was the thing I forgot to conveniently put.


is this open because



sees posted RP


What about Fishing? :eyes:


Also when you said people don’t like stats, its because some of the people here can get a little unruly when it comes to power, so Imma resolve that.


/pre in


/in plz


Anyone else want in?


Uh, sure. I like RPG setups.



rises from the ashes