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[Work In Progress] Exploration, Cooperation and Defection


An Exploration for the Ages.

Once a memorable wonder, the halls were now desolate. Of a place kings and queens lay, the buildings were crumbling. How many a-times have people come here? The war brought ruin to the castle, its towns demolished. Now monsters roam the ruins, trampling upon the pride of the people. Yet people longed for that cursed place, its treasures and fertile land await.

However! This is but a part of the clear lakes of a virtual reality game! Feel free to create your characters to join into our newest simulation! We have many surprises in store for you! We hope you have an enjoyable time in Clash Online!

A work in progress.

A Game in nature, a roleplay at heart!


  • Stat Allocation! A personal page for every character!
  • Exploration! Ruins await!
  • Chances to meet random people!
  • Betrayal! Choices to make!
  • Items! Currency! Shuricoins! (Wait… Shuricoins?)
  • Crafting! (NEW)
  • Cooking! (NEW)
  • Farming & Fishing! (UNDERWAY)

What stats would a character have?
Well, let’s say we have Joe. He is a random guy from a random world.
His statpage would look like… this! (Default Statistics for a level 1 player)

Adventurer Lvl 1.

STR= 5
DEX= 5
STA= 5
SKL= 5
MAG= 5
LCK= 5

HP= 20/20
SPD = 9
Attack= 5+1

Items on Hold

  • Stick (In Hand) (1 Mt, 60% Accuracy)- E Proficiency
  • Shuribag (10 slots)- 7 servings of dried food (1 slot),
  • Wallet - 20 Shuricoins! (Default Starting Out Shuricoins.)

This is a work in progress and may change.
Calculations - HP = STA X 4
Speed = DEX + STR - Weight of Weapon(Mt)
Attack = STR+ Weight of Weapon(Mt)
Eg. (If someone has 20 speed while you have 6, they will be definitely faster than you, the chance of you attacking first will be lowered.)

Attack HIT will be…
Hit Rate = (Skl Ă—2) + (Lck Ă—0.5) + (WepRnk) + (Hit)
10+ 2.5+ 0(E) + 60 = 72.5% HIT RATE.
Each Weapon Rank will increase HIT by 1, so D gives 1, while S gives you 5 more hit.

Attack Dodge will be
EVA = (DEX+SKL) x 0.05
10 x 0.05 = 0.5% Chance of Successfully Dodging an Attack Regardless of Hit Rate. (Applicable to only players and major characters.)

Attack Critical will be based on
Crit % = (SKL + LCK x 1.5)^2/ (SKL+LCK)

Connection Status: ..Connected

A VR Game. Oh, I can just quit whenever I like, right? Well sure, but you’ll probably are going to walk back alone if you quit halfway, oh! Did I mention that you’ll probably spawn right back in a whole bunch of monsters? Ha, just kidding! You’ll spawn at the start of each map if you leave.

Explore the various places! Safe zones in rest towns between each exploration level! There are a total of 6 as of now!

Level Up! Play with other people! PvP, Arena! Spells galore! Guns! Hue hue hue… Excitement on a global level! Food! Tastes that you cannot find anywhere in the real world! Hue hue, aren’t I a genius?

Eh? Who am I? I’m Shurian! The announcer, spick and span. Hue hue! I am marvelous, aren’t I? You’ll also be blessed with my presence in this game, so get your copy of -

Bzzt. Intermission Interruption Success. Delivering Message.

This game is not what it seems. I suggest all that see this message to immediately back off from buying this game. We have found nefarious plans and technology to make it a reality. Th-

Urgh! What a mess. Didn’t you say there was no way that my connection would have been interrupted? Darn those other companies. Anyhoww, Clash Online is out for sale!

Connection Terminated.

Hey, you… protect the game files… We cannot compromise the game’s integrity. Make sure everything is safe. I’ll personally lead the investigation of who’s this bastard…

Editor’s Note: You will be roleplaying as people thinking that they’re STUCK in a game. However, the true nature of this rp will be found out sooner or later, so it’s up to you guys to find out what and who is driving the strings of this whole fiesta.


After three months.

You finally did it.


Can I have a shuricoin?


Here you go!


Can I have TWO shuricoins?




sheep activated



Denied 2 Shuricoins. Have Twenty instead.

When it comes out as a full whole in about a week hopefully.


Ohhh an RP-

Mmmm nevermind. Not a huge fan of stats


Awwwwww… But hey there’s manipulating of stuff and selling as well!

(Haggle for your life)


Mmmm I’ll consider later

Maybe when I drop some RPs


Dama: literally is never seen on the forums for the past month or two
RP: gets created


It’s called the art of pinging


Mou, not my fault I’m not good at FoL and FM!

My schedule doesn’t allow me to host RPs anymore and no one here likes paragraph RP pouts


Besides me but I have the time rn (before I get too swept away)

I will have a story on this btw



Consider me in if I successfully cut down my RP count from 12 to 8


Gotcha. It’ll be up in a week… Max. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just need to start on the mobs and the crafting materials and the varieties… ooh…


Can we craft the lewd


Creator’s note: We do not support adult activities in Clash Online. As by Rule 13 of the Virtual Reality Restriction Limitation Statutes, we are not allowed to support adult activities of any kind. Offenders seeking to violate this rule will be banned immediately.


What about rule 34

Mental note to talk shit about this rp