Wild West FM - Dead Chat

You’ve yee’d your last haw.


So first off.
I would have reacted to my beginning votes the same as Town. (Or at least similar)
I was being Sarcastic like trying to hint I want them to elaborate or I consider it a joke Vote.
Second off.
My reads were actually honest except for the Mole one.

Me thinking to myself: Well, at least going on an alt means that I won’t die N1.

Dies n1 either way


to be fair just about everyone knew
we had to stop like three people from alt speculating

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you were super super obvious ftr


the scumteam slipped twice knowing it was you

It was fairly obvious anyway. Shall I show my PoE?

is it a PoE if you know all the scum

This isn’t a PoE of scum.
You’ll see.

Is yee claw a wolf?

you just outted yee-claw identity but uh ok

eh it’s fine they’re all dead who are they gonna tell

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If you notice my avatar has changed, that is 100% correct.


no lmao

I can have spoilers?

you can probably has spoilers
there’s obviously no dead interaction in a mountainous

Gimme? Please?

The wolves are:
Universal and

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spoiler it just in case some people don’t want to know yet