Wild West FM - Day 5 - Mafia Win!

Welcome to the Wild West

Wild West FM - Hosted by The Texans (@Marshal and @Italy)

(and now also @CRichard564, alongside with @Insanity as VC slave)


19x Town Cowboy (Vanilla Townie)
6x Mafia Bandit (Mafia Goon)

Game Details

  • This game is mountainous. That means that everybody is vanilla and has no abilities
  • The player with the most votes at the end of the day will be hanged
  • Hangings will be plurality and Majority. Upon tied votes, a random player (including no-hang) tied for the most votes will die.
  • Starting Day 2, each player will be able to take 1 ITA shot each day any time besides the first and last hour of the day. These ITAs will have a 18% chance of hitting. To use an ita, do /shoot [player] and ping the hosts
  • ITAs will be disabled when 8 players are alive, or when the game is in LyLo.
  • Game phases are 36/12
  • The town win when all Mafia are defeated. The Mafia win when they gain parity.
  • Mafia have an optional factional kill that is mandatory if a no-hang was decided the previous day.
  • Mafia members can communicate at all times and will do so through a separate forum topic or discord server.
  • Players must make at least 20 game-related posts per day phase, unless it ends early due to majority. If they fail to meet that requirement they will be force-replaced during the night.

Example Rolecards can be seen below.

Example Rolecards

Town Cowboy

Your only abilities are your vote, your voice, and your trusty gun.

Rid the town of all bandits

Mafia Bandit

Your only abilities are your vote, your voice, and your trusty gun.

Gain parity with the town


  1. Centuries
  2. Clonedcheese ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  3. ash4fun
  4. Trochilidae Dead Night 3 - Town Cowboy
  5. Leafia ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  6. Mist1422 ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  7. an_gorta_pratai
  8. Intensify Hanged Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  9. Surge Hanged Day 1 - Mafia Bandit
  10. PokemonKidRyan ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  11. RangerCecil Dead Night 1 - Town Cowboy
  12. Light
  13. Wazza
  14. Luxy Dead Night 2 - Town Cowboy
  15. Universal
  16. yee-claw ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  17. Thunal33 ITA’d Day 3 - Town Cowboy
  18. Vulgard
  19. Sulit
  20. Moleland ITA’d Day 2 - Mafia Bandit
  21. Whysper
  22. brainpower Geyde eevee
  23. deadbananas0 ITA’d Day 2 - Town Cowboy
  24. Appelsiini
  25. Apprentice Hanged Day 3 - Town Cowboy


  1. Chloe
  2. TheBlueElixir

Spectators (will be uninformed, may request to be informed after gamestart)

  1. PsychoKang
  2. Katze
  3. astand
  4. Napoleon
  5. Jane

Thread Milestones.

End of Day 1
Start of D2 ITAs

End of Day 2
Start of D3 ITAs

End of Day 3




All cards have been sent out.

Game will start 2020-08-25T13:00:00Z

(I tried to make it balanced for all timezones)

Target Votes Voters
Not Voting 25 Centuries, Clonedcheese, ash4fun, Trochidillae, Leafia, Mist1422, an_gorta_pratai, Intensify, Surge, PokemonKidRyan, RangerCecil, Light, Wazza, Luxy, Universal, yee-claw, Thunal33, Vulgard, Sulit, Moleland, Whysper, brainpower, deadbananas0, Appelsiini, Apprentice

here you are marshal glgl


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oh wai-

Start of game flavor

There’s been a problem plaguing the small town of Ralridge and the surrounding lands. A threat to an otherwise usually peaceful relationship between the town’s nearby ranchers and cowboys. The threat? Bandits. Them bandits has been robbing stagecoaches for a while now, and the citizens of Ralridge lived with fear in their hearts. Some of the cowboys were unconcerned, some took these bandits as a serious threat, but it all culminated when the owners of 1 ranch had had enough. See, them bandits had started shooting cattle. And as soon as cowboys tried to chase ‘em down and bring ‘em to justice, it was like 2 more popped up. Them bandits were organized, and they were threatening our livestock, and by extension, our livelihoods. The cowboys had had enough. Something had to be done.

Italy burst through the door as Marshal and Crichard were enjoying dinner and talking about the day’s events. ”I was wondering where you were,” said Marshal, “You are 15 minutes late and your food has been getting cold. What gives?”

Italy, fuming, told the group why he was late. “One of the damn bandits shot one of our cattle, a calf no less! I tried to chase him down but one of his buddies nearly shot my ear right off! That’s the 2nd dead cow this week alone. Any more and we might not even be able to afford that new fence we were planning on getting. At this rate, they are going to kill them all!”.

As he was rambling on, Marshal’s pet bird started repeating some of italy’s words. “Kill them all! Kill them all! Damn Bandits. Fence. Ear. Kill them all!”. Suddenly, an idea popped into Marshal’s head out of thin air.

“The bandits! We should kill them all! It’s the only way to keep this town and our animals safe.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” Crichard chimed in. “We could just capture them and let the law bring them justice”

Marshal snapped back at him harshly, saying, “It’s not like they wouldn’t be hanged for their crimes anyways! We would just be speeding up the process and cutting out the middleman.”

Crichard calmly replied, “Well, whatever decision we come to, we can’t do it alone anyways. These bandits are ruthless, and they are organized. We should call a meeting with a representative from each property surrounding the great city of Ralridge and decide what course of action to take to eliminate the threat of the bandits from the area.”

So they did just that, going from door to door telling each of the ranchers to send their strongest cowboy to meet at a rock formation about 2 miles northeast of Ralridge in exactly 3 days time. When that day came, the 19 cowboys met Italy, Marshal, Crichard, and their bird next to a tall domineering cliff with a large, open, cave-like area underneath that provided shade from the blazing sun. Each cowboy went inside of the area as italy stood at the entrance, asking for them to be quiet and announcing what exactly the problem was. Before he could even ask for potential solutions, a shot rang out, striking italy in his shoulder. 5 more shots came after that one, each one striking Italy in various areas. To add insult to injury, a boulder fell down off of the cliff and crushed him before he could let any last words escape. Marshal and Crichard, in shock, fled the scene to give the town news of the ambush, with their bird flying behind them. The bandits moved in, hoping to kill the cowboys and steal all of the valuables they had on them. Upon realizing they were outnumbered, they attempted to retreat the cave area, but before they could make their escape, a commanding voice called out.

“Nobody leaves this area. If you even attempt to do so, you get shot. We are going to kill every last one of them bastards or die trying. Unfortunately, they have the same exact outfits as us. Damn the Ralridge clothing shop and it’s lack of variety. We won’t be able to visually identify who they are, but we must use our minds and our guns to figure out who these bandits are and take them out, permanently”

Day 1 has begun, and ends in 36 hours (at Thursday at 11:00 ) or upon majority. With 25 players alive, it takes 13 players to reach majority.

This is originally Marshal’s flavor. It was better than mine.



Take that Insanity I Post when it actually starts!

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