Why We Should Un-Suspend Alice


Can I just say how horrible this ban reason is?

Anyway, I believe we should un-suspend Alice as I don’t believe we should suspend users who ask to be suspended. We all know Alice may return one day so what’s the point in suspending her? Just because she asked to be suspended?

Sure, if this reason means that she didn’t literally ask for it like I’m thinking, it should probably stay, but, I must also add, all the way for 1,000 years is way too much, a perm-ban should not have occured in any sense no matter what.

Too late.



just saying,

this is the first time I’ve seen you post.

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Absolutely not, They can probably get unbanned if they ask for it, however we shouldn’t do this unless they asked to be unbanned because it will make them more mad

I don’t see why we shouldn’t suspend people who want to be

They can always ask for a reversion

They asked me to ban them.
I did.


But it was said in the heat of the moment!

  • Unsuspend

  • Keep suspended

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Heat in the moment isn’t 12 hours after ground zero.

Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean anything.
@wazzaazza Please vote.

“The person whose opinion was that they wanted to be banned means nothing”
Don’t say what they think for them.

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There is no reason for this.

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Debate is over.

There is no point in overruling the decision. Please lock the thread.


How about we don’t put mod decisions to popular vote? That’s a horrible precedence to set.

Then someone popular can break all the rules.

Alice asked for it the mods granted it case closed.


I can agree with this.


*For the record, it’s against rule #11 (and in poor taste) to appeal for someone else’s disciplinary action since the person appealing likely doesn’t have much perspective about the situation or understand the history that may have led up to this – please, no more threads like this.