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Why mystic meta is much wrost from king meta

  1. mystic is confirmed while king is not
  2. he is convertible, but its really easy to counter with cw/ just see that noone was linked
  3. while in king meta the other players could write down who whispered to who, they can’t now.
  4. king is now useless.

please rework:

  1. remove invest from king,
  2. remove little birds
  3. remove private matters


Or alternatively just remove private matters


But king will remain useless


In the past players, and content creators have found the various metas to be extremely boring to play in.

  • Prince Meta
  • King Meta
  • Now, the Mystic Meta

It’s all because most players do not get to do anything substantial.
Bringing back King Meta just continues the same issue that the current Mystic meta does: you don’t get to actually do social deduction because it just becomes follow the PR.



Just make private matters able to only target one person a day and make it unlimited


Still the same problem of “I’m confirmed claim to me” shtick.

It would alleviate quite a bit of the current problem but on a grander scale it would be eh.


Don’t see anything wrong with it now.


I’m always for nerfing whispers


@Mercenary whispers are in the game for a reason. For example, a prince jails a physician night 1 and comes to need heals. Is he supposed to waste a Jail?
I was thinking that a king should see all whispers, but that wouldn’t work out, so I’m :confounded:


“I’ll say 28937 when I say that you heal me ok”
I do that in jail as Prince already


I don’t know about you, but when someone says something weird outloud it’s super sus.


yeah that’s why it’s usually not 28937


I have a solution!

Make little birds and maid spy see the whispers even if private matters is used


what about the Nobel spy ability?