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Why I Quit ToL And Why Does Title Need 15 Characters?


I’ve got an obscene number of hours played on this game (much more than my Steam actually says), so maybe someone would be interested to know why I quit for good:

  • Logging claims is too tedious.

I want to be able to right click a player’s name and select the class that they’ve claimed so it can be displayed beside their name. Generic labels should be allowed also, like class type, occupy immune, healer, royal, etc.

This will make it a billion times easier to note mechanical contradictions (the person I labeled as a phys claim is saying they are bleeding), and allow me to focus on the fun part of the game:

  • Social deduction.

I see mechanical deduction as boring. I’m not impressed when someone calls out the fake phys claim because he asked someone to heal his bleed, and I doubt anyone else with over 100 hours playtime thinks that’s an interesting play either.

If you think this feature would be a cool and useful addition to the game, please heart this post so it gets attention from the devs because I really want to enjoy this game like I did before I realized that mechanical deduction is more important than social deduction … yet it’s the least fun of the two.

For the naysayers who responded to my last thread on this topic:

I just tested my typing speed at 137wpm but I still don’t have enough time to log all claims, pay attention to the rest of chat, and choose ability targets before night runs out or I actually forget what people claimed.

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I’m not sure how the title is related to the topic of the thread.
As someone who managed to handle a full whisper meta on her second day as Newbie in ToL, I might have a suggestion for you. I wrote all numbers down manually on a piece of paper, and noted their claims and basically everything which was noteworthy. Later I learned how to memorize and write data in the logbook. Which techniques are you using, if you have such problems?


While I’ll love for this to happen it’s not. New people don’t know how to scumread well and they will find this boring if there wasn’t mechanical deduction in this game. I wish there was a tutorial telling people how to scumhunt but there isn’t.

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While you could do basic scumreading in a tutorial, most of it varies a lot with the meta. I found it a lot easier to find scum during WKM, for instance.


Welcome to FM friend



Not to put too fine a point on it

And it does not have to be here

But if you’re looking for a competitive social deduction experience that’s more varied than ToL, the possibilities of FM are basically infinite.

Join a game somewhere - if you put this many hours into ToL I have a feeling you’ll find FM insanely fun.


Wait you may have cracked the code of the edit thing




Testing 2.0



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@orangeandblack5 post something


On the right page of the log book, for player 4, I might have:

  • 4 - royal s/i, bled d2

Too much of my game is spent opening my logbook, writing something down, and closing it. And even after it’s written, I may forget the guy who’s bleeding claimed phys earlier, since I can’t keep my logbook open all the time (it obscures either the chat or the accusations of treason). These two reasons are why I want to be able to record info with just a couple clicks on their name.

@Firekitten I’m asking for mechanical deduction to be facilitated, not removed.

@orangeandblack5 Thanks for the recommendation. But, I like how ToL games are short (btw I don’t think my simple feature request is asking to have my cake and eat it too).

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Turbos exist

Generally last about as long as two games of ToL back-to-back

And I agree you’re not asking too much, but I also think you can find what you’re looking for in multiple places


Shrimp you are fighting a battle you can’t win, believe me people have tried


Isn’t that right @Icibalus


spending days and days in the ToL discord trying to remove Fool to add social deduction was a bad idea


But seriously, if you want a tutorial on wolfreading to not be pointless guess what has to go?

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Let Knights and Prince kill n1/n2 and your Fool problem dies at night.


Alternatively, remove Fool and there’s never even a potential problem. The solution has been there all along.


Fool isn’t a problem, it’s artificial restrictions on abilities as a crutch for poor moderation insufficient moderation on this very specific aspect, I do acknowledge this game has a top-tier moderation system