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Why Can't We Change Clear Mind


Inoculate has an immediate effect. So it would be more inline with bleed or force vote and should not be grouped with clear mind or jail who’s effects only happen at the start of the night.

In particular since innoculate has an effect before the start of the night (deflecting a bleed) which both has feedback and changes the result of an interaction it would not be cancelable.

Clear mind on the other hand blocks conversion which can only happen at night. If day conversions were a thing then your point would be valid. But they aren’t so it’s not.


Oh and btw. These changes effect the skill floor not the skill ceiling. Since the maximum effect is the same but the minimum is different


So we are narrowing down our group of day abilities that we want to be consistent to targetable abilities that do not give feedback to the target and do not have an effect already during the day?

Bit of a specific subgroup to want “consistency”.


Specific but widely used.

Gather darkness, Walking Bomb, Exhume, Bomb Swap, Stoneskin, Scout, Jail, Dirty works, Clear mind, Facelift, Don Armor, Pocket Dimension, Poison wine, Expose and Sacrifice are all of the examples

Innoculate, Telepathy, Private matters, Political pressure (and equivalantce), Royal Finger, Rupture (and equivalantce), Ivy touch, Decide fate, Trollbox, Noble twin, Silence, Ballot swap and Little bird are all of the non-examples

So that’s 15 different day abilities which should be cancelable but only 13 different day abilities which should not be


Wait where are you getting the targetable clause from?


The OP.


This is not in ToL.


There is no reason why they “should” be cancelable. That’s your preference. Some like bleeding cannot be cancelable or they wouldn’t make sense, so you could make literally all of them “consistent” or “more simplified” as ToL is heading into that direction, by making all of them instantaneously used and not being able to be altered later.

Pretty sure that Jail/Scout and maybeee (I really wouldn’t know cause they’re never used) Sacrifice or Dirty Work are cancelable out of those at the moment, so it’d also take less developer time to change only those. It’s also the easier design pattern.


It is. The MM has it


They should be cancelable because they can be and doing so makes the game less frustrating


I haven’t played for too long. :blush: