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Why Can't We Change Clear Mind


Is there a good reason why when you make this selection during the day it’s set in stone?

It should be like every other targeted day ability and you should be able to change it if needed.


in a state of tiredness I looked back at the forum and saw that this said why can’t we be friends

then I was like no that can’t be right I just saw it say something different


Butler poison cannot be toggled off either, which has no notification or immediate impact either.

Inoculate counters another day ability, so that shouldn’t be toggleable, but that is another exception to targeted day abilities being able to be changed.

Fairly sure that Pocket Dimension can also not be undone, nor Stoneskin or Don Brilder.

Telepathy can also not be undone, nor can Trollboxes.

Pretty sure Exhume is a similar case as this, so it should be handled the same. You can argue that Clear Mind is not like Scout, but I could say Scout is not the same as Exhume.

Expose is also not toggleable.

Facelift is set in a choice too.

Ballot Mixing no clue.

Gather Darkness cannot be undone either.

Sorcerer has a specific ability to swap bombs around giving some indication that when a decision is made, it typically is final.

My opinion is that both Scout and Jail should not be toggleable to be honest and just be in line with all other abilities. Prince is strong enough already as it is. You can only target specific players with Inoculate, Exhume, Clear Mind, Scout and Prince jail, so saying “all other targeted day abilities” is not true and you make a very specific distinction like this.


Technically you can cancel troll box activation but whatever your point is taken


Pretty sure you can cancel it, but an use gets depleted if you do or something? (nvm it’s infinite, I think you can’t try and use it again that day though) I haven’t played for quite some time. :confused:


Troll box is infinite

I haven’t played in a long time either


You can try and still use it.

If you click enter the text is sent

You can cancel it before you send it though


That’s terrible, why shouldn’t you be able to change your mind? As it is with abilities like Facelift, you’re forced to wait until the end of the day to make a decision which results in me forgetting a lot of the time. Same with Clear Mind.


that’s why you should just wait until the end of the day


slightly more skill required


Nah once you select something the button goes gray.


It heightens the skill cap. I agree it should be all or nothing however. Either all of it is toggleable or none of it is. Scout, Jail, Exhume, Clear Mind and Inoculate are a bit special in that they are targeted day abilities that do not give feedback to who it is used upon. For example, bleeding does not fall in that category. Having none of those toggleable makes it more in line with every other day ability.


I just want consistency, if the intent is to make it a more intentional decision then make it the same for every other day ability.

I would argue that it’s probably best to make it something you can switch until the end of the day.

Sometimes a claim will come out near the end and I want to switch my CM.


The thing is, you can’t make something like bleed toggleable, because it’s not reversible. It will either be a special sub category or it will be in line with literally all other day abilities.


Yeah I’m not talking about immediate day abilities like bleed.


Yeah I agree with @livejamie.


Stoneskin can be canceled and so can gather darkness last time I checked. I know dirty works and sacrifice can be.


But then that removes some of that consistency you could have, wouldn’t it?


really? they changed stone skin? it wasn’t like that last patch


I don’t think Gather Darkness can be changed either.


The most direct example would actually be Inoculate. You can’t make that toggleable or you can deflect a bleed and put it on someone else and deflect another bleed. Inoculate is exactly a targeting day ability that doesn’t give feedback like Clear Mind is. So if you want consistency and have it be logical in the game, neither should be toggleable. Actually Scout and Jail should be changed to fit with the rest, not the other way around if consistency is what you are looking for.