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Why 5% is a big deal


Yeah exactly
100% success rate except when it fails


its a 50/50 chance

either it works or it doesn’t


It’s an overall 56% success rate


but only 30% of the time


No. 56% is all the time


So what you’re saying is it should be 37/63?




No. I did not claim that EKings rate should be the same as overall evil rate. I think 40% should work just fine. The goal is to stop WKM. The lynching GKing punishment should stop policy lynches with only a 3% difference


Yep I agree


Besides. The point of this thread is to prove that the 5% means something. Not to prove that it SHOULD


extra 5% is extra 5% whether you like it or not.


Yeah? And?


I didn’t claim that it wasn’t 5%. Just that even 5% is very important


King now trustworthy again but no one cares