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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


Evil King also has the power to kill an outed Mastermind before D4 if he deems it opportune. What is hunter going to do to stop that?

Also in the scenario where EK force pardons MM without Prince alive, what is hunter going to do? Wolf the MM and risk getting converted?


Who the fuck cares. NONE OF THAT IS RELEVANT


I’m not trying to get you to “want” king to lead, I’m just pointing out King as a class is best equipped for leading the court during the day


Objection. Scorned is the best leading class. He leads all the sheep to execute his target.


Then point out things that help him lead instead of saying how he can kill the prince or save the MM or whatever.


King has the most powerful trial ability, decide fate

Also point finger


So? How does that make him a better leader


Do I need to explain how having the most powerful trial ability makes King the best equipped for leading trials?




Because it’s unintuitively irrelevant


Well, once you get someone up, the King can decide the outcome of the trial even if all 14 other people disagree

And if King has trouble getting enough votes to put someone up, he can point finger.


No vote matter’s until it is the majority of votes. And no trial ability matter’s if you are not on trial. Since both of those conditions require other’s to already believe you that means that you can’t lead… unless you are already leading.

The Hunter however does not need anyone to trust him in order for him to kill. So if you refuse to listen to the Hunter then you die. While if you refuse to listen to the King then not much happens.


So if you refuse to listen to the Hunter then you die.

At night.

While if you refuse to listen to the King then not much happens.

If he gets enough votes to put you up, he can kill you with decide fate. If he can’t get enough votes, in some niche situations his point finger is enough to guarantee your execution. Even in general, the court is usually willing to put someone up who has had the royal finger pointed at them since it’s considered a sign of trust in the court’s judgement and the court is always more than happy to judge a case.

The point being, King has more power over daytime trials than Hunter does which is the same a King being better equipped to lead.

This is largely why the King whisper meta exists - to give the person best equipped to lead daytime trials the information to inform the way he uses those abilities.

If King isn’t fed information, his abilities are fairly useless since he won’t know how to use them. He would be either randomly pointing fingers or just sitting doing nothing at all.


What about making unseen start with an aristocrat at some frequency rather than an assassin sometimes, with the convert changing into an assassin?

Along the lines of having a confirmed sheriff/paladin and a confirmed healer. Make a confirmed noble/aristocrat/apostle spawn?


Interesting idea, probably the most out of the ground here but this makes me like it.
We must not only see the impact we intend to do, though. This would change how people see steps as well. Anyone stepping would be more likely EK, specially if royals died early. Hmmm I will be honest, I like it, but keeping away the ability of Unseen to kill until they convert is a big downside, especially with so many things preventing converts. Probably not worth the trade, but interesting idea nonetheless.


Also for the guys discussing above this, I will read everything later… so many messages lul. Not on PC rn so yeah, but thanks for keeping the thread alive!


I was scrolling my past threads
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