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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


No. The job of leading does not belong to any class. Anyone can lead as any class. They just have to actually go out and do it.


anyone can try to lead the daytime trials

but king is best suited for it since he has the most powerful voting abilities

what does it matter that phys is trying to lead, if king can veto his vote and decide the fate of the person on trial?


First of all. Hunter has the Best Kit for Leading. Second of all that doesn’t matter because you should let people lead depending on how well they preform rather than their class.

In otherwords who cares if the king has decide fate when the physician is an actualy competent leader


Phys + CW also have self-defense mechanisms


Hunter has 3 nights of death and conversion immunity.

King has 5 nights of death immunity, and can’t be converted ever.

Hunter has no daytime abilities for leading trial. King has two.

King can be evil, Hunter can be fake or converted. They confirm themselves in different ways, but are about equal regarding confirmation. So this point doesn’t determine which is a better leader.

Evil King can even exploit Hunter’s Retribution to kill two Blue Dragon during the day! King is hands down the best-suited for leading trials during the day.

In otherwords who cares if the king has decide fate when the physician is an actualy competent leader

King has a massive advantage over a Physician trying to lead. If King and Phys are both equally-skilled in their respective classes, the King will on average do better than the Phys at leading the court in the direction he desires.

Not sure why Phys and CW defense mechanisms are relevant, since King has better ones. Unlike Phys, King can protect himself against regular reap and possess, and unlike CW, he can do so without any risk of getting occupied (short of a CW redirecting a drunk into happy houring the King).


Hunter is better because of wolf not because of bear


Hunter can’t confirm himself with wolf until N3 at the earliest, but if he uses it on an evil (which he usually tries to do) they can postpone the confirmation until N4. And Hunter must expose himself to death, conversion and possession in order to do that, so a wolf often only confirms that Hunter was Hunter.

King has the potential to confirm himself with how he handles Prince/Mastermind trials starting D2. And unlike Hunter, he doesn’t need to get executed to prove he’s not Possessor.


King can’t actually confirm himself as good. He can only confirm himself as evil. Hunter however can definitely confirm himself with wolf. If you are worried about conversion then just put a CW or even the King on him.


King is a better leader of daytime trials whether he is Good or Evil.


Trials are not what leading is about. No one gives a shit about your decide fate if no one votes up who you want in the first place


Okay, tell me nobody gives a shit about decide fate next time Mastermind or Prince or even Hunter himself gets voted up lol. King’s faction determines what happens next, and Hunter is powerless to stop him.

(I ninjad this post 3 times)


Did you miss my IF statement?


Okay, I suppose you will never vote up the Mastermind?


No. I suppose I don’t need the king to tell me to vote up the Mastermind.


Evil King will force pardon the Mastermind


And then they both die. Your point?


:popcorn: I love this show.


Only if Prince is alive and has exes


No. Regardless of if Prince is alive and has exe’s they are both dead. People aren’t going to just forget that he’s MM just because a day has passed.


And again. Even if he somehow survived. So what? Why does that make me want to let the king lead me more?