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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


No one cares if the Noble sees whispers to the King besides an Evil King who is pressured by it. The Noble is BD so people are not worried about a Noble. In otherwords we want to maximize the odds of Aristocrat seeing a whisper to king and minimize the odds of Noble doing the same


Oh, then your version would make sense


but it would also be good for both Unseen and Cult to have slight ways of consistent whisper spotting


And they do. I did not suggest Apostle be changed.

Unlike with Unseen the Cult can just get more of them as needed and can also start with the Apostle


Mostly talking about Unseen here


Gossip is fine. Intrigue outs you though (I know it wouldn’t be immediate but still). I don’t see why you feel the need to change intrigue from how it is right now


If you are changing the day Ability’s then Apostle can’t be left behind


Because it has the same issue that the current noble does, it doesn’t fit with the theme of Aristocrat. Aristocrat should be about applying pressure, not framing. Another class should be devoted to framing

Should political pressure be replaced with transcript or encode then?


Frames apply pressure. That’s basically all they do.



Oh and a MM or Possessor buff still is far more likely to help this than anything else we have suggested


I would prefer it if possessor was granted a passive that let it hear all whispers instead of the MM buff. Giving an almost guaranteed evil class an ability to hear all whispers is a bit too much


While that would technically work it’s also too much. We don’t need him to see everyone. Just one or 2 people in particular


1 guess which person that is




Because then that person is doing all the work.


im fine with that lol, if it’s the king


Why does it being the king make it any different?


It might be too much, but NKs should be a threat. Right now, NKs are just an annoyance. Reaper is close to what a NK should be, but even reaper could use a few buffs.


the purpose of king is to lead

if people don’t whisper him, he can’t lead


Would reaper be bad with occupy immunity.

Or being able to control someone who you normally would be prevented from visting to kill someone else? Not like x kills y who is jailed but x is forced to kill y when x is jailed