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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


Because I claimed Prince in a complicated Gambit to get you to kill yourself


Makes sense. GJ


And because it was in whisper no one suspects a thing


Also I killed the Noble


what is happening


Firekitten is happening


Look. Scum don’t need Global Spy and BD do.


Actually. Idea!


No? I’m pretty sure nuke just made this crazy plan up.



Passive: Royal Blood

Day Ability: Political Pressure (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Gossip
Night Ability 2: Maid Spy - Same as now (2 uses)


Passive: Royal Blood

Day Ability 1: Political Pressure (2 uses)
Day Ability 2: Eavesdrop - Hear whispers to and from target player (Unlimited)

Night Ability 1: Gossip
Night Ability 2: Maid Spy - Same as now (1 use)

MM gets Livicus’s idea but it’s single target


But noble having a global spy discourages evils from whispering each other and neuts. Plus it doesn’t take any skill.

How did you do the color thing?(I’ll make my own version).



Just turn the other [ around


That’s why I gave it less uses. This both makes it take more skill to use (timing is more important) and also makes it less likely to be active at any given moment thus making it less risky to whisper. This also makes the spy more likely to be used to catch those things which keeps it’s overall power about the same


Seems good, but here’s my version:

Passive: Royal Blood
Night Ability 1: Spy - send a maid to receive the contents of all public whispers to and from your target. Can target the king. Lasts until you change targets(unlimited)
Night ability 2: Gossip - Receive the feedback of all visiting abilities used on your target. Does not see conversions(but can see attacks and supporting evil abilities). However, the feedback for frames and tailors should be “You disguised TARGET”
Day Ability: Encode(2 use) - All whispers, votes, and accusations of treason to and from your target will be hidden from the public for the rest of the day.
Day Ability: Transcript(1 use) - Receive the contents of all previous public whispers to and from your target

Passive: Royal Blood
Night ability 1: Eavesdrop: Reveal the contents of all public whispers tomorrow.(2 use)
Night ability 2: Intrigue(unlimited)- Blackmail your target. They may not speak to anyone but you. They will be prevented from voting or accusing anyone during the day. Lasts until you change targets.
Day ability 1: Encode
Day ability 2: Transcript


Frenzy is not a visiting Ability


Oh I’ll edit that out.


Also again. How does this help the problem. Now instead of noble SOMETIMES putting pressure on the King he ALWAYS puts pressure on the King. Meanwhile the Aristocrat is intersepting the whispers less often then the Noble is making the entire thing allow WKM more than it already does


But I thought the point of this thread was fine a way to prevent players from only whispering one player? And are the other abilities fine?


Encoding doesn’t make much sense. Transcript is fine. You should probably include the Apostle’s class card too.

And this doesn’t accomplish the goal of preventing whispers to one player.


It’s a stronger version of private matter that is meant to counter abilities which see whispers(Mystic would no longer have it). Also are gossip and intrigue fine?

Apostle is fine now though.

How does spy not do this? It puts pressure on the king and has unlimited uses.