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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


Oh, but what I propose is to read all the contents of the whispers of the following day, that is why this should be an option at d1 (Just like SS and Jail) and gives people a fair chance of guessing if MM is or isnt seeing whispers.


Remember. Whispering to get claims is fine. The problem is when all of the claims are going to the same person


Whispers to nuke



Yes, it is. But atm is always a true claim, never someone faking it because of 1) Noble and 2) You gotta claim the same thing to King.


Prince. CS reaper and make sure not to put me in your logs


Don’t CS me I’m bearing tonight >:(


Cs prince and don’t tell anyone about reaper got it.


Don’t worry. I told the Drunk to HH you


Good thing I also told a Knight to guard me


Good thing we have a sage swapping the knight to me.


No we don’t. He’s swapping the Healer off the poisoned sheriff like he was told


Rip my dreams


And even if he did you would still kill yourself


But. What if. You accidently jailed the knight,


But I’m secretly MM


But then how am I suppose to murder you?


You don’t. You murder yourself


Sighs yet another day being a assassin


You are a Knight



Then why was I going to cs the mastermind? Knights don’t do that. They cs Princes