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Whispers. Deep analysis, metagame, suggestions


Hi. Sorry but I used Gossip last night. I’m out of spy’s because I only have 3 uses and it’s D7


It’s only day 3 and I also saw you visit said person yet you didn’t see my message?

(He didn’t see observer results)


If you saw a visit then why did you think I used Spy?


No they said you gossiped said person.

Yet you didn’t even receive my results.


Sure I did


No I just saw you paste the logs that said gossip…


Yes. I used gossip. That’s how I saw your results. Why are you asking about spy?


No bad nuke.

You used spy but you said you gossiped.


Why do you think I used spy? Again if you saw a visit then you would know I used gossip.

(Spy doesn’t count as a visit)


(Rip my dreams)


But yea. Those kinds of consirns can be addressed and minimized


Okay better one.

I just linked you last night and you said you maid spy but you can’t give me all the whispers?


You did no such thing!

/vote FK we’ve found our MM peeps


Of course I can (gives mystic all the whispers)

(You are not telling the mystic you used Spy unless you are a Noble. In which case you can just actualy prove it even if you got converted that night)


No no no I’m scorned not MM get it right

/Vote Marcus


(hehehe little did they know I was Possessor all along)


(Really? I thought you were prince.)


(Exactly. I possessed the Prince)


(Oh so you also left 3 prince bodies right?)


(No only 4 sorry)