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Which other FM website is your favorite?


I know we all love the community here, but I know many of you have played FM on other sites, and was wondering where you might think is the best overall? Can be a mixture of community and forum format (Discourse has its advantages, but oh man do I miss pages). I want to know what kind of features everybody likes the most!

  • Mafia Universe
  • Pokebeach
  • MafiaScum
  • Town of Salem Forums
  • EpicMafia
  • Other

0 voters

Let me know if I forgot any!


I voted MU because that’s the only other Mafia Forum site I go to :^)


I have only played on MU so eeh
This probably should be multiple choices


I tried Town of Salem forums a long time ago and people were extremely toxic. Don’t know if that’s changed though.


Check Discord plz


ToS because it’s the only one I’m involved with


I’ll probs join MU when I feel like it