When you have to rewrite an entire oc

Rewriting something is fun because it takes so much god damn time.

Overall I mainly want to tone down on a few of the more edgy aspects and flesh out major parts of the character.

Currently it feels like “point a to point b”

The more I talk about this character, I end up hating what I did even more.

what character is this?

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you wouldn’t know the character.

also this was just a minor vent outside of the venting thread.

I think I’ve got this under control

Why do you have to rewrite?

I want to make it better and the current state is too unnecessarily “tragic”

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I’m decently new to character writing, so I just want to get better.

Character writing doesn’t need a lot at the start, I’ve found; you build on it as you go.

I just rewrote my kenku from your rp now and I am having lots of fun with my birdboy :smile: