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When Forumers invade Throne of Lies


As I said before, I’m always a lightningrod for n1 visits. Still doesn’t beat me naming myself PKR and then getting converted n1 and bussed d2.


LPT: Name yourself “PKR Flowchart.”




That MS paint is a pain in the butt.

My eyes.


You’re welcome!?


It was snipping tool actually




this is what we feel like when you don’t keep it clean Insanitu


Mercy me pls @_@


You named yourself not PKR

in a game where I named myself flowchart as a starting Cult

it was inevitable


The one time I get Maid in a 16 player game for the first time and was about to out the Cult Leader, but I got converted, so it’s like Well, shit


That play I am very proud of
Before last patch
Be me, Pretender
King accuses someone, claims Hunter
King says “pardon I do not wanna die”
I knew people were gonna pard so I tease the scared King
Use ballot mixing


evil god and wrong thread-ish


It poped up my feed somehow so lemme grr


Only me and Marl were forumers here but still

Claimed maid d1 that 6 and Marl were incompat, I disguised him as Sorc
We up Marl and I silence him and then he claims hunter and I’m like NOO IMMA BE OUTTED SCORNED
thankfully 6 was the last vote on him, so 6 got yeeted from Marl’s arrow

A couple of days later I frame the MM and he finally gets voted and exed and I get the win

Herbalist defiles 15 as an assassin or something, aand then GK got voted out for an unseen win


I saw you online after I won a game as Possessor :eyes: