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When Forumers invade Throne of Lies



Anyone remember the day half the forum played a round of Throne of Lies?

Me too, let’s make this a thread for best Throne of Lies plays by Forumers

I’ll start.

Eevee gaining trust of the Prince being jailed n1, carrying FK to the win as possessor when they get upped as Pretender King. Cult pretty much demolishing the entire game until that point.
Hunter gets upped by GK because possessor jumped and left a hunter body feelsripman
And finally hearing my father’s voice :^)


i at least didn’t kill for him when I could have used my vote thing to secure the win :wink:


@marluxion scratchy 15 yr old nerd voice <3


Also this isn’t off topic


Yes it is…?


It has to do with TOL therefore not off topic


it doesn’t really belong in any other category tho

unless you want to move it to general? but it still doesn’t really belong there tbh


It does though. It belongs in general cause of the good play in TOL


Also this is the Forum. So it’s at worst related cuz FoL players


Anyways rip me. The Paladin that encountered the frame job


All neuts win it was, proof BD sucks no matter who’s on the team


brb crying in corner


Wait, why did I miss the party @_@


How has Marl got a nerd voice lol
that’s clearly me


Throne Of Lies IRL when?


boi u shoulda told me XD


We pinged just about everyone :^)


i mustve been dead then




I should be invited.

(Nah I am not mad, glad you enjoyed)