When A Meme Went Too Far... The Tale of WazzaAzza#2836

Yeah, this is a real story that I shall update as things continue, I doubt they’ll continue from here but this was a fun journey if you ask me.

The Call - April 5th 2019 - Discord DMs with Grenade

On the fateful day of April 5th, a new meme was born, intentional or not, Wazza was on a call with one of his friends, just laughing around with him at the Grand Idea Classes, he sent a through screenshots to his friend about the classes, and his friend got a good laugh at them, so his friend decided that he’ll play this game. Little did Wazza know that this would be the start of an adventure of a story, that is still going on to this day.

The Game - April 5th 2019 - G! Turbo - Wazza Edition

Back then, people enjoyed GI Turbo’s… well, I say enjoyed, mainly they played them while Wazza hosted them, along with some other special people. Wazza decided to host yet another Grand Idea Turbo, god dammit, fortunately for many this would in fact be his last! Now, during this game, the 10th player joined. Grenade… Wazza’s friend and the person that started this entire meme, who continued it? We’ll find out later. After the game, Wazza had to go to sleep.

The Aftergame - April 6th 2019 - G! Turbo - Wazza Edition

Wazza had to go to sleep. The next day… he awoke to the forums as he usually did and checked around, looking at his messages, one thing he found strange was the fact the Firekitten had posted… and actually, there had been a lot of replies now! He was curious and decided to check it out, the first thing he saw made his heart sink, Wazza got scared. Firekitten had pinged Geyde and Solic saying that Grenade was him! This confused Wazza a lot as he continued scrolling through the messages, learning that Solic had investigated beforehand, thank god… but also that Solic had checked his IP and his friends! Oh boy! Next he decided to check the ping that he had recieved from Firekitten, talking about how he would have a conversation to post… oh no…he didn’t have a conversation! He was on a call! Not in a text!

Then more evidence started showing up against him, including him saying that his friend couldn’t post! How outrageous! He just wanted to help his friend out and now he was being accused of being an alt! Oh no! This wasn’t going so well for poor Wazza, Firekitten kept insisting but then eventually gave up, this is where the joke began, and it continued from here. Icibalus, made something cursed that day, something that would start this meme, he said that everyone was Wazza alts… and now when we look at profiles here…, we can clearly conclude this is true. When I posted, I honestly believed this was all over. But nope, it had just began.

WazzaAzza#2836 Cult Rises - April 11th 2019 - WazzaAzza#2836 Cult

A Few Days Later, Wazza checked around on the forums, clicking on Hippolytus’ profile to see if they were the real Hippolytus, but to Wazza’s surprise he saw something, Hippo had changed their Discord tag to… WazzaAzza#2836! Huh! This was unexpected, he shrugged it off and decided to compare his likes to GamerPoke, his bestie- Wh-What! Another WazzaAzza#2836! This is getting out of hand, he continued to check profile after profile and sure enough, majority of them had changed their tag to WazzaAzza#2836!

Wazza assumed they all colluded to create this Cult! So he decided to post about it, calling out Grenade, his friend, Hippolytus, the first one he found, Geyde, a Former-Moderator Wazza never expected to do this, Lightsin, someone he expected to do this but was still surprised by it for some odd reason, Isaac, honestly we all expected this after he saw the meme, GamerPoke, my Bestie that betrayed me in cold blood, Firekitten, The Ultimate Backstabber, literally the person who called me out and told Solic about it had joined the Cult, TheAltInOurStars, this is Orange who joined after a while, he made that post and called everyone out in it!

This day, there was a poll to decide who the real Wazza was, to this day it has 28 votes and the Real Wazza is losing! But that doesn’t matter, Hippo exposed the truth that everyone just had the same idea and did it all at the same time! Wazza at this time didn’t believe him!

The Cult Has New Members - May 10th 2019 - WazzaAzza#2836 Cult

Wazza was looking around, just clicking around, he had completely forgot about the WazzaAzza#2836 meme because it was dying! Until suddenly he found another person, his GI Turbo Buddy, Mercenary had done a traitorous action and changed their Discord tag to WazzaAzza#2836! Wazza had to expose this, and during this he looked around and found out that Htm had also changed his tag to WazzaAzza#2836! Wazza had to expose both of these Traitors, and exposing both of these traitors he did indeed!

Pug’s Return - May 12th 2019 - WazzaAzza#2836 Cult

Wazza was on a call with Pug, talking about an upcoming roleplay they were talking about, Wazza was on the forums looking around as he normally does, until he saw his Cult post and he chuckled and started trying to convince Pug to join the forums again, when Pug came back, he decided to tell him about the WazzaAzza Cult, and of course Pug just HAD to join it, which is what he did.

Insanity saw this and to get in the spotlight, Insanity also joined the Wazza Cult, jeez. So many people are in the Wazza Cult now! These guys are such big bullies! Soon enough, Wazza had started giving up on exposing these LOSERS! And decided to relax… oh boy. Wazza decided to create a poll to decide what was better, WazzaAzza Alt’s, WazzaAzza, or none of them!- Of course None of Them won lmao.

Icibalus - May 14th 2019 - WazzaAzza#2836 Cult

Icibalus decided to join the Cult and people started talking again, it was starting to get a bit crowded in the Cult so Wazza jumped away from it, hiding and pretending it never existed, it’d get brought up every once in a while but finally the meme was dead.

Fan - July 23rd 2019 - WazzaAzza#2836 Cult

SimpleValueDeskFan decided to comment on Mercenary on how they posted after 2 months, Wazza didn’t care but it took him 2 months after this to realise that SimpleValue had in fact now joined the Wazza Cult, this is interesting but not as interesting.

A Lost Fellow - September 18th 2019 - Discord DMs with [REDACTED], Priestess and DatBird

Wazza was relaxing, he got online, noticed he had been spammed messages from Priestess, Grenade funnily enough the one who started this entire trend, and had found that he got a friend request from someone, he being the normal person he is, accepted the friend request and said hi because he’s such a kind guy, an hour later, he got a response, this person said that Dat Bird told them that this person had to send an application to Wazza?! This confused Wazza a lot who decided to ask a bit, he talked to Priestess and Dat Bird about it, Dat told Wazza that the person was looking for Geyde and because of the meme they had DM’d Wazza instead of Geyde!

This made Wazza laugh a lot and gave him the idea to make this post which he shall probably never update again, but it was a fun ride over to here, lots of memories and this event just made Wazza laugh a bit, cheered his day up a lot also because why have shit days when someone comes out of nowhere and makes you laugh because of the past, huh? That’s life for you.

The End…? - October 15th 2019 - Discord DMs with Grenade

On this day, Grenade decided it would be a good idea to send Wazz a free Nitro, Wazza set my tag to #9999, not realising my mistake.

#6969 - November 6th 2019 - When A Meme Went Too Far… The Tale of WazzaAzza#2836

Now, Wazza decided it would be a good idea to change his tag again, this time to #6969, upon checking Hippolytus’ profile after an r/wooooosh thing, he realised that his mistake has been made…should he fix it, find out next time!


today was a good day

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I made a law that makes it illegal for kittens to be



mg|Roze wanted to hand in her character sheet for dnd so i told her to message you but instead she went to dm u on discord and since ur discord name on the forums is Wazza’s discord she messaged him instead

cool post, i literally could not understand half of it

I’m not joining the cult

too inconvenient, no incentives, no health insurance… you’d have to be crazy to join the cult

Join my cult.




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