What is your Species on the Forums?

Some people are cats, some people are platypuses. I’m wondering, who’s everyone’s Species on the forums? Just edit yourself into the list.

A -

Arete - Butterfly

B -

Blizer - Gamer

C -

D -

Damafaud - Cat

E -

F -

G -

Geyde - Not Gay
GamerPoke - Hatguy

H -

I -

Insanity - Less gay than Kai, furry like Jake.

J -

Jake - Probably a wolf. Not sure. Our scouts are still hung on this one.

K -

Kai - Like really fucking gay
KyoDaz - Weeb

L -

Luxy - Zoomer

M -

Magnus - Kangaroo (Pet Superb_fairywren)
MaximusPrime - Bisexual Human
Marshal - Toemosexual, destroyer of anime

N -

Nerbins - Ginger

O -

P -

Priestess - Arkonid

Q -

R -

S -

Solic - Reaper
Sulit - Beaver Duck
Shurian - Durian

T -

U -

V -

W -

Wazza - I’m tired

X -

Y -

Z -

I’m an Arkonid, born in the Hercules cluster

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I am a cheeseburger

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Joking, right?

I’m American, so yes my species is cheeseburger


@Priestess could you make this topic a wiki?

Should be obvious.


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Zingiber officinale

In English?


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We call these people furries, Magnus. Don’t be offensive and call them by their proper title! :rage:

/s (obviously)


my species is human btw

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i can confirm as a fact that @luxy’s species is Boomer

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How are a bunch of animals and humanoids online?

/shrug at least i get a +1 in every ability score

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As you can see from my profile picture, I’m a geometrically-inspired design.

But I have a +5 in Movement Speed