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What is the best class in the game?


So: I want to find out what is the Best Class or set of classes in the game.

I think some markers for a “Best Class” should do good in the following categories:

How helpful is it to its team?
How hurtful is it to other teams?
How little do you have to improve it to be more helpful to its team / hurtful to other teams?
How balanced is it?

The better a class does in all of the categories, the better the class is.

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Well the Prince is the strongest class.

You could debate him being balanced though


Knight is the best scum class

Can CS Prince N3, getting rid of an insanely big threat
Can bait lynches for evils because Knight claim in 2019

Very hurtful because I’ve been CS’d before in real life.

Throwing darts at a dartboard isn’t very hard.
I think it’s pretty easy



And it fails at being even remotely close to a good Blue Dragon Class.

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Knight is an excellent BD class


But seriously…

Knight is one of the best blue dragon classes provided a good player is playing it.

Knight can punish scum for overextending and can win games by itself for BD. It’s a class that really takes advantage of scumreading and capitalizes a ton off of it.

Scum have to get rid of knights. Knights can both deny kills and poke huge holes in scumteams.

It requires thought, and playing it mindlessly will almost always not work out in your favor.

Perfectly balanced, if not a bit on the strong side.


I still have yet to see a game where a confirmed Knight failed to carry the game for their team.

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Knight really takes advantage of n1 noble gossip king meta
To a really disgusting degree


Yeah should we do something about that?

Maybe let Reaper CoD the King

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Honestly I’d just make Noble unable to gossip king
That way Mercs/Reapers/Sages/swappers can mess with it more


I mean that seems limiting it ways that don’t effect the gossip meta. Letting Reaper target the King is a good buff to a bad ability instead of a nerf to a situational ability


Wouldn’t it make more sense to just also let CW/Merc target King too?


What about an Unseen Class?


Poacher is really good


Same with Sage


Noble Gossip is a powerful ability that profits off of coordination.
Making it have to require coordination is more in line with the ability’s balance.


And it does? In theory the meta would work just fine by having the King name an arbitrary player for everyone to target, but since Reaper and Merc exist he can’t. If that same limitation applied to targeting the King then problem solved.


Assuming you haven’t claimed CW, you can use tornado to get free KPN with bleeds with no drawback, even to the point of turning bd protectives into protecting scum on a particular night


Someone made a chart long ago and noticed that Duchess had the highest scum winrate


That being said, I agree with that notion
Duchess is powerful because ToL is less about picking off targets than it is about claiming as early it is possible
Duchess strength is high confirmability. And you can’t even be accused of MM if all your targets are alive or if you found a neutral or Knight or Physician, and you know every night who will die.
It is also the perfect EK due to high confirmability + RB

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