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What is it about human psychology that compels so many Scorneds to claim Scorned and expect clemency?


Alchemist at present is a better physician. Something needs to happen to it so it isn’t the case


This is one of the entire reasons why the Alchemist needs a nerf. The issue here is that if an Alchemist gets a heal confirmed and nobody else claims it he’s basically set to go as he won’t be executed by BD and his four night immunities discourages evils from attacking him. To make matters worse, as since Alchemists cannot be converted then this leaves little room for the Unseen/Cult to counter him.

Ultimately, right now Alchemists are running too damn close to being an unbalanced neutral. IMO, either they should be able to be converted to balance out #2 and #3, or they need a limitation in their kit that lowers their utility along with their self-confirming potentials, or potentially even adding another mechanism that allows evils to counter them.

This was a rough draft I made of a reworked Alchemist that fulfilled the above conditions without removing their immunity to conversion. I’d imagine a balanced Alchemist would look something like this, albeit I dislike the lack of interaction with this kit.

The Alchemist

Neutral Support
Coagulate (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding and nightshade poison.
Stoneskin Potion (Passive) - You are immune to death the following night provided you did not use either of your night abilities.
Crimson Potion (Night) - Heal a target player, preventing their death. Also cures any poison or bleeding . - Infinite uses
Emerald Potion (Night) - Poisons a target player with a lethal dosage, instantly killing them. You can NOT target The King with this ability. - 2 uses
Survive until the end of the game.

The new Stoneskin would essentially allow the Alchemist to be night-immune as much as he’d like at the cost of his infinite healing ability. The purpose here is to limit his healing in order to put a cost to his utility and prevent easy confirmation as optimally a reworked Alchemist would play more selfishly and thus would only heal when absolutely necessary, which would also diminish his potential for confirming himself. By the end-game, they will essentially have to choose between putting themselves at risk to a nightkill or not healing anyone, which fixes the current issue where endgame it’s impossible to kill the GK or Prince as an evil because they have a nonconvertible and immune Physician pocket healing them.


I come from the future to say that shit is still the same


And now you come from the past.


what i dont get is why any scorned would betray the bd when they already won


…or though actual information if theyre converted


oh shoot that stuff was 8 months ago didnt even notice