What exactly is the King supposed to be?

Yea, i guess poss will be given the passive while in king.

I could also see it as once there are 5 players left Kings double vote gets disabled.

King is too swingy doesn’t help with a double vote imo.

At least 10% games come down to oh we randomly got ek or Gk so we win bye bye lol

You know. The thing is that a lot of those games are either

A: Elected King
B: Known EK

Either way planned. Those games and the value of elected King late game where the extra vote means the difference between winning and losing are very intense and require a good deal of setup. At the same time the King prevents stalemates where no one can be lynched, which are boring even if they eventually work themselves out.

Not to mention that means EK literally cannot win

Like EK vs non-Butler BD 1v1


Didn’t think about that Tbf.

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That’s what I’m here for :wink:

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Also CL no eradicates vs GK elected Physician

Or PK vs MM

Just saying. This thread explains a lot about why it’s so hard to get everyone on board with a specific kit. Nothing would ever produce the desired result and the idea is so vague as to be basically nothing.

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It is basically nothing

That’s what I keep trying to say aaaaaaaaaa

Yes but that’s a problem I’m trying to eventually solve. So we need to FIX that

I disagree that it’s a problem

It is. A useless class shouldn’t exist. It isn’t fun and it isn’t meaningful

Not having a unique purpose != being useless

And the problem is the more unique King’s purpose is, the more he centralizes the metagame

And that’s just bad

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Not having a unique purpose != not having a purpose

If you take away allies then King doesn’t have a purpose until maybe endgame where he’s a tie breaker.

Lets all agree that people may disagree on what they want king to be but that we all hate allies, A lot :’(


The king should be like me.

I’m less worried about the consensus and more worried at the general lack of coherent answers

King is a ruler who possesses both a love of knowledge like getting a free hulu account, as well as intelligence, reliability, and a willingness to live a simple life.

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