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What exactly is the King supposed to be?


I still like the idea of Guards King being back but being silent on hit or instead telling the king.


neighbhorizer mystic


I maintain my point.

Leading requires you A: have a plan And B: That you get the rest of your team (or the other team if you are scum) to willingly follow that plan


Note how neither of those have anything to do with any sort of mechanics


leading as a executioner who already won in TOS was awesome


Would ek mind like learn if evil faction like allies or just do nothing.


or better yet getting hung as fool/jester then scumresding scum with your logs :slight_smile:


Leading as an executioner who hasn’t won yet (unclaimed with a confirmed target) is even better


i disagree for reasons in that post…


Fun fact. A fool strategy I used one time was:

Step 1: Scumread someone
Step 2: Use trollbox to out the scumread
Step 3: Once the scum is lynched repeat
Step 4: Scum read PuppetMaster


Mines is to be elected neutral king but that’s rood.

So I claim mailman


how does that work


mailman is the superior claim tbqh


It was back in beta. So scorned wasn’t a thing yet and fool could occupy giving me a source if information


why the hell would they trust the fool


Because the scumreads were correct


How we fix king add neutral king back at start then party because more neuts

Why isn’t there 4-5 neutd


Once the first scum dies they realize that I’m being serious. Which is exactly when I use that to accuse myself


If we are on topic of King I think finger should be a passive and not a action.


Head of state passive much?