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What exactly is the King supposed to be?


If you are talking about a whisper mule (the closest mechanical equivalent to a leader) then that is something people hate


This is meaningless for starting king, but not for a king election though.

Just some more food for thought.


True I guess. But we never really had a problem with elected King.

I wonder why that is?


I once led the court as an open alch Claim and some people were like “why are we listening to the alch Claim “ “cause he was right on the last one”


And I’ve lead the game as an unclaimed Reaper


It didn’t exactly work out for them. But it worked out great for me


Pretty sure I got a reaper hung that game


I’ve gotten a reaper hung while leading as an Assassin.

And a possessor while leading as a Physician.

And the entire Unseen while leading as a Butler

And the MM while leading as an elected Neut King (was alch).

Ect ect ect


I’m not going to say it’s consistent. (there were a lot of games where I DIDN’T lead and DIDN’T accomplish a ton). But it’s hardly rare for it to happen.


However I would like to point out that those games where I took the lead by shear charisma and psychological manipulation (and a pocket alch to their heads) were the most memorable and fun games I’ve had.


(mostly the alch. I’m not very charismatic)


King needs more passives less abilities imo. If you want them to lead, give them passives to lead.

Passive - Shepardly Insight - Kings vote count x3 times as much for the first 3 nights during trial. It would work passively like rb votes for new king.

Passive - out with your enemies - as bd king - if you exe unseen/cult/nk, you add one guard. Reverse for unseen king.

Passive - heavy finger - if king does not point during the day, a guard will be added at night.


You know I thought this was dumb until I realized that given how swingy GK/NK can be this might not be the worst idea


Still not how leading works.

Not that this means your ability’s are bad. Just that they have nothing to do with leading considering that NO ability’s make a leader.

Leading is something you do, not something you are. And it is purely social and not mechanical.

Mastermind doesn’t really lead the Unseen, he just happens to be the most important member, rather the Unseen member that makes the plan they use is the leader, no matter which class they are.

Same thing for BD. The leader is the one with the plan. It doesn’t matter who.


I’d prefer it if the king was a leader for the court to rally around. Kind of like the Mastermind/Cult leader but for the entire court. It’s abilities would be leading the court, like the current Decide Fate.

No SF. There are too many unconvertables as is, and it’s broken on confirmable classes.

BD can’t really control the court. Sure, they can influence the court, but that’s different, and there isn’t any BD(other than the prince and somewhat Mystic, but those aren’t really designed to be the leader. Mystic is closer to a leader, but only for the BD and it can be converted) that can do that.

Mystic if done right would be the mechanical equivalent(or at least closest to one) of a leader. The king could be made similar to a true Mystic but for everyone.

Link Minds/Conduit and Imprison are both good for leading.


Link Minds King would be great actually


They are good for gathering information and coordinating (not the same thing as leading). Leading is where you convince someone to take action. No ability will do that, you need to use your words. At best you could argue that Link and Inprision give more chances to use words.

However. In the end King, Prince, Mystic ect will never be leaders no matter what their ability’s are.

Like I said the MM/CL ISN’T the leader of their faction. The person who comes up with the plan that other’s follow is the leader


They’re not the same thing, but they do help with leading a lot. Sometimes you have to coordinate to lead.

Exactly. Imprison forces your target to talk with you while Link Minds is more persuasion based.


I wouldn’t Mind it

Kings already confirmed anyway.