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What exactly is the King supposed to be?


Why did you not just use an actual question mark?


GK : Control the court, using information to find scums.

EK : Delay the court while finding Evil, and making look as GK as possible, find NK, borrow Neuts to Evil side


sooo literally what ANY BD is supposed to do


It’s been a novelty

Nothing more


That answer isn’t going to be useful no matter how much you say it


I’m not asking this question for the hell of it. The whole point is that the issue with the King’s ability’s seems to come down to purpose. What does the King do that other’s can’t?


Be unconvertible

(excluding prince :P)






y’all don’t get what nuke is asking


This is the truth


I do

I merely do not consider it a question with a good answer


The question technically has an undefined answer. The point is to GIVE him a purpose and then go from there. The answers I am saying are bad aren’t so because they are wrong or something. But rather because they are unhelpful.

In other words I’m not asking what the CURRENT King’s purpose is. But what your IDEAL King’s purpose is. I’m not looking for a specific ability, and I’m not looking for some meta purpose like “getting the game rolling” or something. I’m meaning a direct in game “how do I help the BD win” purpose. For exampe: Directly finding evils (Old Allies), finding fake claims (Current Allies), collecing and cross referencing data (WKM), keeping allies alive (Safeguard), keeping allies unconverted (SF King), Directly Killing evils (OE King), Making allies ability’s more reliable (CW empower) ect ect ect


My ideal purpose is that the King is a novelty

Anything more than that and the swing of its random alignment is amplified

There is no good answer because any useful role beyond novelty is inherently going to add swing

So I say go with Gladiator King and call it a day


The fact that the King doesn’t have a specified type makes him unique.


In my opinion, the King should be someone with extremely powerful abilities that require cooperation from the court to work. An example in the current implementation is Decide Fate; it can only be used if the court implicitly gives consent by voting someone up before King points.


King should be a support mixed with a social. imo with protective guards and helping there faction.


My idea is to bring SF king with guard king but guards protection should be silent


I feel like the kings main role is a leader at the start of the game. S/he is the only player on the board that you know 100% what he is there to do/not do and can not be fake claimed. The kings goal really is to direct the investigation, he’s more of a support archetype, and go on gut to direct the court to look into different ideas and pursue the truth. Kind of like bosses. They sort out disagreements with the court and settle matters and make hard choices. Their role really is leadership, and not any functionality of the court, but to direct the court to make choices.


Problem: Leading is something a person does. Not something that a class does. You don’t need to ability’s to lead and can even do so without being confirmed or even having claimed. I would know, I have done so. Or in other words this does not in any way help design a kit, since leading is meaningless in terms of class creation.