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What exactly is the King supposed to be?




There shouldnt be gladiators






Doesn’t do anything, but the character who’s in the King’s spot looks shiny AF.


One important thing about the king is that it’s the sole role that cannot be determined mechanically.


Bah, that’s a good point.
In my opinion the king is supposed to be a role of social impact, whom the players want to listen being them right or wrong, that still does not monopolize the board.
That’s why I think that both Gladiating and Decide Fate are good abilities, and I despise the healbot king or the investigative king.


Royal pardon is enough


No gladiating


In an optimised world King would look something like this to encourage the best standard of game-play and increase the overall health of the game. Obviously this is unlikely but it probably the best sort of answer to many of the problems the ToL-meta is facing at the moment.


(Unkown Special)

Kings Trickery (Passive) - When you are executed everyone’s class is revealed to you. You may kill 1 member of each faction.
Kings Voice (Day) - Force your target to say something. Infinite uses. Can be used multiple times a day.
Kings Bling (Night) - Occupy everyone who visits you tonight. Infinite uses.
Kings play ting (Night) - Transform your target into another King with exactly the same abilities as yourself.

Wincon: Be executed or see five other Kings executed


We need to hire this guy as a dev he’s genius


The fuck


Honestly I think the best part is to see 5 kings executed


Oh btw. Here is an ally’s replacement I posted on discord:

Royal Messenger - Give target player a use of message. Using it will send an anonymous message to target player, if they select themselves it will send the message to ALL players instead. They may use message in addition to their other night ability’s. Evil King will learn the identity of the first Unseen to use a message. Can self target (Unlimited)

Good? Bad? Incomplete? This kind of ability only works on King. Any other class would use it for confirmation and would be useless on scum besides King


Yay Hippo’s back!


…Says Marcus, who hasn’t been seen in forever


He’s been back question mak


Who’s mak and why should I question them?

(anyway that’s kind of off topic)


It was supposed to be mark.


Eh, I haven’t seen him in stuff recently.

That being said, I’ve not been in stuff either. Still on the forums making half-assed comments, but not in stuff. shrugs