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What are you interested in in an RP?


Specifically physics


Trying to balance it tho… where should we focus on? The normal life or the superhero life? I personally would lean with the normal part.


idk yet that’s why I asked for comments and ideas : )


It does seem exciting!
Why hide their identity of a superhero? Something we can ponder…

How do they go through everyday without getting exposed?
How do others view them? Mmmm
So many things!


Some might not even hide their identities


The conflict becomes super villain and superhero tho.



Pre sign me the fuck up


It is cool.

Honestly most games are pretty good as long as it’s active enough

Might need more social interaction stuff perhaps, cause I feel like it’s have too much fighting in it


Who wants cooking RP¿ :3


That’s NOT Danganronpa?


I am a simple man
I see cooking, I like


f u c k y e s


I call dibs on the asshole, grumbling janitor.


I like RP’s that allow for meaningful decisions. In other words I am not looking for a story to experience but rather a world to explore (with the story being an emergent property).

Basically my favorite thing to do in a roleplay is go off the rails. Reveal things that are not supposed to be known. Act when we are supposed to be confused and freaked out. Generally just pushing the boundary of the world to see what happens.

Of course I also value good characterization (which I am unfortunately bad at) so it’s not like I just immediately go on a killing spree or anything like that.


Here’s what I have rn…

2 Countries…

Offensive Capabilities
Physical. Magic limited to staves and tomes…
Players will start off weak… plenty of ways to grow…
However. Question. Do you want a FE battle system in place for straightforward battling? Power levels are an obstacle imo.

A growing tension between the two nations has plunged both into chaos. Players can decide to fuel war or stop it. Conflicts in both nations will be highlighted, and roleplayers can come in and change the situation accordingly…


So, basically a cooking RP


I don’t see cooking.


Uhh duhhh the cooking one was never planned

I omly planned the medieval one >_>