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What are you interested in in an RP?


Guys! Please post what elements you are looking for in a role play!
For example I would love to see character interaction and development in an rp, and the world building experience!

What would you want in an RP? Is it the story? Is the action? Or is it something else?

And on that note. What kind of genres do you want in your RPs? Anything specific?

DanganWonPa? :3


Just amke a Minecraft RP and i’m done. OMEGAROLL

But seriously it can be everything. :thinking:


What about like a superheroes RP but not like the ones where you “do a thing get a power” more like one where there’s superheroes and they have different origin stories or whatever and they just do superthings also maybe some of them have to balance civilian life with a life of super-ness


2 words
Realistic science


I like an RP that is mostly made and controlled by one or many different GM’s. I want them to mainly make the scenarios, control the actions and provide the players a choice. I personally either like a medieval RP, or a modern day RP, with a tad bit of fantasy in it, not too much though. Realism is an important factor, but you can’t go too realistic, that would get too boring. I usually prefer my characters with no restrictions aside from unrealistic stuff.


(for the situation of course, like for instance Portal could never happen due to energy restraints, but if those are loosed we can figure out how they could work)


I don’t have a specific rp thingy
as long as it exists ill join
granted its not too complicated

tol rp and current dr are my favs so far


100 posts of waiting for the computer to finish analysing


Btw I made this post because I am planning on a medieval RP coming along sometime in August I believe. Just wanna see what everyone thinks.


Medieval again wooo

I want to see magic! Unique races that are not unique for special snowflake sake! Politic! Secrets! All!


Oh yeah, politics and intrigue, court and stuff like that!


I want to see / am experimenting with other RP / forum game fusions – things like Danganronpa or Ultimate Death Game – but, not that
Telling your own unique stories within that type of medium


Hey wasn’t there that interest check for a medieval style RP that nobody actually made sheets for


HEY! You guys know a really fun game that was ACTUALLY in the RP category before it was moved?


Two Rooms and a Boom!


Nerbins when I said advertise I didn’t mean on unrelated threads




I’m planning on a medieval setting. Tomes and Staves will be used for magic. Thus magic wont overpower every single person…

To personally use magic from the atmosphere, certain conditions have to be met… Usually only done by advanced practitioners…

Yay or nay?

Adding on… This will have guilds in it…
About battle… I am thinking of adding a system to keep things in check… It does feel a little restrictive tho. We all need to decide on the power levels of the characters before the rp begins…


anyone wanna comment on my cool idea


That could be done. Eheh.