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What are you doing right now?


Cause, this skin is dope.


not as dope as “HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY ASSHAT” fiddlesticks


Also, yes, i support Fiddle support fite me.


If you don’t “Happy Birthday!” in all chat after getting a kill with surprise party fiddlesticks’ ulti you’re not a true bad manners player :^)


not as dope as “woo sp00ky” Janna.


You guys wanna play some LoL rn?


or “eXpEcT a SpAwN oF dRaGoN eVeRy 6 mInUtEs tOdAy” Janna


I’m gonna be heading home from work soon
and i have something planned afterwards lul

I’m down to play tonight or tomorrow since i’m off work :thinking:


lul preseason changes


Thats Fine. Ill be free this week.


I’ll be free, but I can’t vouch for my PC’s performance.


Watching over LoL community :eyes:


Going to skip a chemistry class



Having chemistry


Getting my shit pushed in by work emails




Studying for a chem exam


Chilling out since a class got cancelled


Eating Chips


Diamond LoL support here. Remind me to add some people here once I’m back.