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What are you doing right now?


I’m plat material, i just don’t play ranked :^)


today i flashed an akali’s second ult charge as varus mid
was pretty funny


Those were the days of season 5

I miss poke varus mid. That was fun to play.


He thought he was gonna be the one saying Omae wa mou shinedeiru but it was meeeee


Infinity Edge Rush Varus mid is pretty strong still



Good times


I miss season 1 Janna mid ;-;


No, go back into your hole with the other janna and singed mains


Yes, Cause a Tornado doing half your health and instantly clearing waves was healthy :^)


RIP Trundle Jungle, it was my S1 main


But it fit her name.


Shush Insanity. Whats gone is gone, Like Banner of Command.


And irelia being unbanned


Oh, every one rush banner, was a fun time.


I want ardent censor meta back >:P


That can Die in a fucking fire.


Janna is permabanned ;-;


Why are you EdgyMecha Fiddlesticks


Out of all the supports in the game, Janna is my least favourite, Followed Soraka and Lulu.

Playmaking supports are my Best Friends Bot lane.